You Found Me (Niall Horan fanfic)

I was lost. Alone. Tired of trying. That's when he found me. One Direction fanfic


21. leave her alone

Niall's POV

I was having a lot of trouble falling asleep lately.  Maybe cause I was going to bed way later and Harry's snoring was loud? I don't know.  

I was lying there on my phone, checking twitter and instgram, when I saw Skylar's tweet.  It tore my heart apart.  I thought the hate didn't get to her.  I guess I was wrong.  Not a surprise.  

I was surprised when Skylar texted me, telling me she couldn't sleep.  We talked a little bit but soon we both stopped.  


I debated getting up but decided not to.  I went to my twitter and saw so many hate comments directed toward Skylar.  My anger boiled.  How could they say that? 

@NiallOfficial: how can you guys be so mean? only true fans accept and respect Skylar.  just leave her alone.

I put my phone down and walked into our hotel room kitchen.  On my way there I brushed past Louis.

"Sorry," I angrily said.

"Woah bro, whats up with you?" Louis asked skeptically.  



Louis raised his eyebrows. 

"The fans! They are so mean to her!" I broke down into tears. "They don't even know her.  And I thought she could handle hate but according to her latest tweet apparently not." 

Louis came over and hugged me.

"Niall, if she could handle hate and bullies then we never would have met her.  She would have never tried to kill herself.  She wouldn't have jumped." 

Hearing Louis say she tried to kill herself sent shivers down my back.  I just can't grasp the thought that someone as beautiful and talented and nice and marvelous as her would want to end their life.  Its simply amazing what words can do.  

Why can't they just leave her alone and mind their own damn business.  


Louis' POV

I was surprised when Niall broke into tears.  I knew he loved her, but I didn't know it was that strong.  I mean we all loved Skylar and felt bad for her but Niall, he was on a completely different level of love.  He was serious about her.  I can tell their relationship is gonna go far.  They're like a match made in heaven.  

"Hey Haz," I said, seeing Harry eating a banana.  

"Hi," he replied plainly.  What was up with people this morning.

"You okay?" I ask, half expecting him to break into tears like Niall. 

"Just fine," he answered and stood up, grabbing another banana.  He walked into the room that we both shared and slammed the door shut.  

Zayn walked in.

"Please tell me you are fine and dandy?" I asked. 

Zayn looked up at me.  Confusion mixed with fright.  He nodded his head and slowly walked to the cabinet.  

"Okay, good," I sighed a sigh of relief.  


Harry's POV

I didn't mean to snap at Louis but I had heard Niall talking to him about Skylar.  I want a relationship where I cry over her hate.  And where she cries over mine.  Where we stand up for each other.  The jealousy was building up in me.  I have found myself looking at fans' profiles just to see what they are like.  What is wrong with me.  I am so desperate.  

"Harry?" Liam walked in.


"There you are," he said.

"Here i am," I answered. 

"You uh seem a little down.  Everything alright?"

I shrugged my shoulders.  

"Its okay, Daddy Direction/ Dr. Phil/ Batman is here!" He said while flexing his biceps. 

"You're retarded, can I have Liam?" 

He put his arms down.

"Liam's here too," he laughed, "what's up?" 

" I don't know seeing Skylar and Niall just makes me want to have a serious girlfriend that I love.  That's my age," I sadly admitted.

"Aw Haz," he patted my back, "you can't rush love.  You're girl is waiting out there for you.  And you'll find her soon.  You just have to wait," Liam wisely advised.


Liam got up and left the room.  It was nice talking to someone, but I still was sad.  And jealous.  But I just have to have patience.  



Okay guys I have three finalists for Harry's girlfriend.  They probably aren't gonna really meet for a while, but she will come into play soon.  The three finalists are, drumroll please, *drums* ....onedirectionluver18.....Lydia_Wright.....and...amberluvs1D.  Congrats! I will have the winner very soon.  



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