You Found Me (Niall Horan fanfic)

I was lost. Alone. Tired of trying. That's when he found me. One Direction fanfic


41. kissing a dead squid (this was the name of a chapter in this other book and i thought it was funny so i used it call me unoriginal)

Niall's POV

IT had been a couple weeks since the first 'date' with our 'girlfriends'.  WE had gone on a few dates.  They were all pretty much the same as the first.  The most PDA we showed was hugging and holding hands.  Management was not to happy about this.  They yelled at us.  Sorry the ones we actually like aren't famous and aren't models.  

"You better show some affection this time," Zoe said snobbishly without looking up from her phone.  I rolled my eyes.  We were going to the park.  I had suggested the amusement park just minutes away but no, that was too mainstream.  And their hair would get messed up.  Girls.  

We stepped out of the Range Rover.  Zoe's clammy hand slipped into mine.  Ugh I would never get used to the feel of her slimy hands.  She used way to much lotion.  Kara did the same with Harry.  


We walked around and made small talk for the cameras.  They would kiss our cheeks, but it was hard not pushing her away.  

"Hand me that flower," Zoe said through her smile.  

"What? No."

"Do it."

I groaned and picked up the flower.

"For you my love," I said with no emotion.  She smiled dramatically and threw her arms around me as Harry did the same thing to Kara.  

We began to head back towards the car.  That was the worst date of my life.  We walked around a park.  For an hour.  While paps snapped pictures.  At least I only had to be with her a couple more weeks.  The end date couldn't came fast enough.  I had already been practicing my lines for the big break up.  


We climbed out of the car.

"Bye," Harry said.  We reluctantly walked over to hug them  I leaned in and gave Zoe a hug.  

Then something unexpected happened.  Zoe's lips touched mine.  I tried to pull away but she held me there.  She grabbed my hands and forced them down to her butt.  

I found it very difficult to not make a face, I mean it was like kissing a dead squid.  Something I would never wanna do.  

She pulled away and waved.  Apparently Kara did the same thing to Harry because he was standing there with the same expression as me.  We looked at each other and shook our heads.  I looked around there didn't seem to be any cameras, but then again who knows.  


Skylar's POV

"HI welcome to Starbucks.  What can I get you?" I asked the two teenage girls.  I had applied for a job at Starbucks.  And surprisingly I got it.  Today was my first day.  

"Woah,  you and Niall Horan like had a thing right?" The blonde one asked. 

"Shh Mia, I heard that Niall was dating a model.  YOu don't want to hurt her," Her friend whispered and jerked her head towards me.


The friend laughed nervously and they quickly ordered.  

Dating some model? IT was probably some rumor.  He was probably with a friend.  I thought he would have at least told me.  I mean that's what I did for him.  But maybe he didn't even know.  I hope. 

I made them their drinks and handed them to me.  The blonde smiled apologetically and took hers.  


Today Niall didn't seem like himself.  He seemed dazed.  Like something happened. 

"Ni, are you alright?" I asked as we were Skyping.

"Just fine." he shrugged his shoulders.  "Why?"

"Oh um you just seem kinda dazed and out of it.  IS everything okay?"

"Everything is fine Skylar okay? YOu don't need to keep asking.  My god..." he snapped. 

"Sorry, I should just let you be," I said quietly.  I picked up a strand of hair and started to play with it. 

"Skylar I didn't-"

"No, Niall, It's fine, I should just stop asking you.  I um have to go anyway, bye.  Sorry."  I hung up before he said anything.  

Why did he snap at me? He seemed fine this morning, but when we were talking tonight he got to be all weird.  Like somethings happening.  


Niall's POV

I groaned in frustration as I closed the laptop harshly.  Ever since Zoe kissed me I felt weird.  UNfaithful.  I didn't like the feeling of having a pit in my stomach.  And then I snapped to Skylar? She was just trying to be nice.  .

"I hate models," I said under my breath.

I dragged my feet and climbed into the comfy hotel bed.  Just a couple weeks.  Just do it that long.  





OKay I know this chapter is absolute crap but it's just a filler.  Next chapter BIG THINGS HAPPEN.  LIKE AW SNAP.   I don't know when it will be published though.  Remember to check out ym fanfic Stitch by Stitch on wattpad! MY username is micaylaluvsyou.  Thank you! 

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