You Found Me (Niall Horan fanfic)

I was lost. Alone. Tired of trying. That's when he found me. One Direction fanfic


13. kind of relationship

Skylar's POV

Yes! Liam finally told him.  So did this mean Niall and i were together? I didn't want to ask.  It would be embarrassing.  I'll just let him tell me.  

The hospital was now so boring.  Like i had nothing to do but sit there and go o my phone.  Which gets boring very fast.  It's not like i was exactly tired either.  I had no friends to come and visit.  Now you can see why that whenever the nurse walked in I got so excited.  She would usually only stay for five minutes though.  I texted Niall the whole time and the boys.  But it wasn't nearly as fun as having them here with me.  

Beep.  Beep.  

I looked down at my phone. 

Niall <3 : "so are we like a couple? or what?"

"I was actually gonna ask u." I admitted.  

"um...well will you be my gf?" he asked.  My immediate reaction was to say yes, but i thought it through.  Yes I would enjoy it but I'm not going to see him for a few months.  

"I would like to.  honestly.  but you're on tour maybe when you get back." I said reluctantly.  he replied a few seconds later. 

"its cool.  i guess we are in a kinda relationship then lol" 

I guess that was true.  We both li-love each other.  

Eventually i decided to watch a movie.  I was in some what of a lovey-dovey mood so I decided to watch the Titanic.  I had watched it before...but that was years ago.  I don't remember much.  Just that it was really good and Leonardo DiCaprio was extremely cute when he was young.  

I told Niall I had to go because i didn't want to be bothered while watching it.  


Niall's POV

Skylar and I were in a kind of relationship.  I loved her but i was going to have to be careful about what i tell the public. I needed to protect Skylar.  I didn't want her getting hate from the said "directioners".  Only true directioners would love her like I do.  

Soon Skylar told me she was going to watch Titanic.  What was I supposed to do for the next three hours.   I sat down on the couch and stared at my phone.  

I checked the time on the oven.  It felt like it had been at least an hour but in reality it was 10 minutes.  THis was going to be very long.  I decided to take a nap. 

"Niall, Niall," a deep raspy voice whispered.  I slowly opened my weary eyes.  

"We are going to stop for food," Harry answered.  I sat up and started to pull my shoes on.  I checked my phone.  NO messages from Skylar yet.  It had been about two hours.  

We all climbed out and walked into Burger King.  It was strangely quiet in there.  WE all walked up and gave the cashier our order.  WE found a table and sat down.  


The door opened and someone walked in.  

"OMG! You're One Dircetion!" a young teenager screamed.  It was followed by screams from her friends and random strangers.  

Pretty soon we were surrounded by fans and paparazzi.  Geez I just wanted a burger.  

"Who's this ugly girl?" I girl screamed, louder than the rest, and held up a magazine with me and Skylar on the front.  I immediately grabbed it and flipped to the cover story.  How the heck did they find us? 

A lot of the so called fans there started to hate on Skylar.  

"Are you together?" someone asked.  I shook my head.  Some of the pandemonium calmed.  

"But you like her?" another asked.  I nodded my head.  All hell broke lose again.  More insults were hurled about Skylar.  

"Shut up! I think she's gorgeous!" A fan yelled.  I looked around for the girl and found her.  I pulled her in and gave her a horan hug.  She was the only fan that I gave an autograph to.  

We all got our food and rushed towards the bus and got in safely.  


Louis' POV

All we wanted was a damn burger.  I signed a few autographs and took a few pictures.  Some how the pres found out about Skylar and Niall.  They were the cover story.  Many foul words were said about her.  There was only one girl out of about 20 that yelled that Skylar was pretty.  I"m sure some thought it, but didn't have the courage to say anything.  Our fandom is very violent.  THat was the only autograph Niall signed and picture he took.

As soon as we were on the bus Niall began to cry.  

"Its ok Niall you couldn't have done anything to stop them," Liam comforted.  He shook his head.

"I don't know how they found out.  I don't want Skylar getting hate.  I need to protect her!" He said.  

"It's ok mate," I tried.  Nothing worked.  We all agreed that it would be best to leave him alone for now.


Skylar's POV


I had finally finished drying my tears from the movie when I checked my twitter notifications.  Niall had made me make one.  

@adri143: ew! you're so ugly.  you don't deserve him fag! 

Well that's mean.  I scrolled through some more.  There were hundreds and they all said basically the same thing except for an occasional "You're pretty!" or something like that.  

I began to cry more.  How did they find out? Niall and I aren't even dating for real! 


Tears streamed down my face as I read more.  I just couldn't stop myself.  Luckily the nurse had finished my check ups for the day before I started the movie.  No one would see me like this.  Hopefully.  

"You can make my wish come true if you let me treasure you, if you let me treasure yooouu," my phone rang.  

I looked at the caller ID.  Niall.  I collected myself and hit answer.  

"Hi" I said still a little shaky.

"Hey - are you crying?" he asked.  He sounded like he had been crying too.

"No, no.  Niall its fine," i said.  

"Skylar, what happened?" 

"N-nothing," I lied, "just the movie."

"Did you read your twitter?" he demanded.  I kept silent.  "Well did you?" he asked.


"Don't listen to them! They are only jealous.  They will love you soon enough.  Everyone gets hate," he comforted.  

"Its fine.  Really," I lied once again.  

"Okay, but you tell me if they are hurting you.  I love you," 

"I love you, too," I said and ended the call.  

I began to cry once again.  I've seen the other boys girlfriends get hate.  Its nasty.  They aren't going to stop until I'm gone.  Still after that they are going to make sure I never come back.  They are a powerful fandom. 

I set my hone down and decided to get some sleep.  It had been a rough day.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better.  


Today I had promised Niall that I would never self harm again.  I don't know how long I can last.  But I'll try my best for him.

I don't deserve Niall.  He is this amazing, famous, handsome boy.  And I'm well me, nothing.  Stop Skylar! Stop thinking negatively.  Stay strong.  And with that closed my eyes and fell asleep.   






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