You Found Me (Niall Horan fanfic)

I was lost. Alone. Tired of trying. That's when he found me. One Direction fanfic


18. Jealousy

Niall's POV

She was amazing at drawing too? Who knew. The way her face just lit up when she showed me all her drawings made me happy.  The way her face radiated off her skin was gorgeous.  Like no one had ever done her wrong, like her life was perfect.  Well maybe not perfect but as if she decided to make the best of it.  

She had millions of drawings of anything that you could possibly think of.  Some had lots of colors, others had no colors at all.  Some were large or out of proportion while others where small or exactly how they really look.  But they all had one thing in common.  They were all magnificent.  They seriously took my breathe away some of them.  I can't believe these were all drawn by the person who has my heart.  

"Show me around your house," I said, eagerly wanting to see the place.  Her face drained of the bright color it once held.

"Um...its kind of messy now," she said.  

"I live with four boys.  I've seen messy.  Please?" I begged.  

"Okay," she gulped.  She slowly stood up and picked up the laptop.  

"Well, this is my room." 

The room was fairly large and clean floors.  The once bright green paint was chipping and dulling.  The bed was small and the sheets were yellowing.  And the desk? Old, rustic, dirty.  The dresser was probably the best thing in the room.  It was black and looked more recent then the others.  But not by much.  

She then showed me her bathroom.  It had a green shower curtain.  The floors were very bland.  The bathroom was quite small.  The sink counter was cluttered with make up and hair products.  

"You don't need that stuff," I told her honestly.  

"I don't know about that," she laughed.  

At the hospital she wasn't wearing any.  I"m sure she would've if she could.  Its the sad truth about girls.  They think they need to cover their natural beauty with all this crap.  I thought make up was meant to enhance your beauty.  But most people don't see it that way unfortunately.  

She next very very very slowly walked, more like hopped or crawled, down the stairs.  She didn't show me her fathers room.  She wasn't allowed in there and she never wanted to be.  From the way she describes her dad I would be scared too.  

We entered the living room.  Big mistake.  There were glass bottles and parts of battles all over, old take out boxes, poker cards and poker chips, and chip bags everywhere.  From the look on Skylar's face I'm guessing it didn't smell too pleasant either.  

"Still talking to that Niall boy, Sky?" her father asked.  There were deep laughs coming from multiple fat old men.

"Dad..." she said. 

"What? Can I not be proud of my daughter? I mean she's got two men!" He exclaimed.  Woah rewind the tape.  Two men? 

"Dad! I told you! It's not like that.  Caleb and I aren't together.  We aren't even talking okay? I would prefer to keep it that way." Skylar turned the camera so it was facing her.  

Relief came flooding into me.  But the fact that her dad was proud of her having two guys? That made me angry.  

"Getting a little defensive are we?" an unfamiliar man's voice laughed.   

"I just thought you two..." her dad said.

"Dad! No!" Skylar yelled.  By the sounds of it I'm guessing her dad mouthed or motioned something that means sex.  Or something like it.  

"Okay, moving on," she said to me.  

We went into the kitchen which was no better.  She opened the fridge.  It only had wine and beer bottles.  

"Time to go to the store..." she muttered to herself.  

She breezed through the rest of the house and once again slowly ascended the stares.  

"Told you it was messy," she said when she had seated herself on her bed. 

"It wasn't that bad..." I lied. She raised her eyebrows.  

"Okay maybe it was.  But...never mind I got nothing," I tried.  

She laughed that beautiful laugh of hers.  We talked for the rest of the day nonstop.  I had gotten up to go to the bathroom and when I came back she was sleeping.  I was only in there for a minute at the most.  

"Goodnight princess.  I love you," I said and closed the laptop.  I climbed into my tiny bed and fell asleep.  


Harry's POV

Watching Skylar and Niall Skype all day long made me jealous.  It made me realize that I have no one to do that with.  And all the past girlfriends I have had have been short term.  I want a relationship like theirs.  They can talk for hours and never get bored.  They were laughing most of the time.  And Niall's face when he saw her was priceless.  He was looking at someone he loved.  I wanted a girlfriend.  Now me and Liam were the only single ones since him and Dani broke up.  But no one really thinks of his as single because he still loves her.  I haven't loved a girl at all yet.  

I wanted to have a girl that has an amazing personality.  And would love me for who I am.  Not what fame makes me look like.  

Why can't I find one? Plenty of pretty teenage girls with amazing personalities love me.  But I will never get the chance to meet them.  

I've had lots of girlfriends or have been talking to and not one of them was serious.  It's pretty sad.  I guess I thought that dating a lot of girls would somehow bring me to the right one and quick.  But you can't rush love.  Although I do wish my love would hurry up.  


They say everyone has a partner, a soul mate, a lover.  If so, where's mine? And if you do exist please come and find me.  I'm tired of sleeping and feeling alone.   



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