You Found Me (Niall Horan fanfic)

I was lost. Alone. Tired of trying. That's when he found me. One Direction fanfic


3. hospital

Skylar's POV


I was lying helpless on the ground.  I heard footsteps and voices and started to silence my sobs.  The footsteps got louder and louder.  I closed my eyes.  The people had rushed to my side.  

"What happened?" a man with a cute thick Irish accent said.  

"I didn't work," I cried.  I opened my eyes and saw a pair of bright blues eyes looking back at me.  "It didn't work." 

The man stepped away and i got a better look of him.  He had blonde hair with brunette roots, straight teeth, and blue eyes.  I couldn't take me eyes off him.  He was beautiful.  

"We need to get her to the hospital," A British accent said.  I took my eyes off the boy and saw he had four companions.  They were all boys and looked around the ages of 18-20.  The boy who had talked had brown eyes, a buzz cut, and a tattoo on his arm.  Next to him was a dark skinned boy who had dark hair with a blonde streak,  amazing hazel eyes with long eyelashes, and a half sleeve tattoo.  There was a tall boy with brown curly hair, cute dimples, and green eyes.  Lastly, the oldest one probably, with blue eyes, and brown hair. They looked oddly familiar.   

They came closer to me and were about to pick me up. "Woah, wait! Aren't you guys going to introduce yourself?" 

The looked at each other. "We need to get you to a hospital and fast!" The boy with curly hair said.  

I laughed, "Oh no, trust me I won't be going anywhere."  This confused them, but they listened to me and introduced themselves.

"I'm Niall Horan," the blonde one said. 

'Liam Payne," said the one with brown hair and eyes.

"Louis Tomlinson" the oldest one said. 

"Zayn Malik," the last one said.  

"And we're One Direction!" they said in unison.  They all had British accents except for Niall.  Four British and one Irish.

"I'm Skylar Jones." I introduced myself.  

"Okay, lets get you to a hospital now," Niall said.  He walked over to me and picked me up.  I whimpered in pain.  

"Sorry sorry," he apologized.  He put me down and picked me up from a different angle. It wasn't much better but I kept my mouth closed, not wanting to make him feel bad.  Besides I enjoyed it.  

"Niall, management is going to kill us." Liam said.  It finally struck me.  They were that famous boy band that every teenage girl is obsessed with.  I was with probably some of the most famous people.  

Niall shrugged it off.  Who cares about management? They can't tell us what to do." 


Liam"s POV

It was stupid. I can't believe they convinced me to get food.  If management found out we would be in so much trouble. But good thing we did because then we wouldn't have met Skylar.  We saved her life.  I think Niall may have found his princess.  They don't even know each other but the way they won't stop staring at each other.  And that look in their eyes, that's how Danielle looks at me.  

We walked back to the hotel, Skylar in Niall's arms the whole time.  

"Okay, Me, Liam, and Skylar will stay in the parking lot while you three get the keys, distract Paul, get some food cause I'm hungry.  Then come out here and we'll go to the hospital. And hurry!" Niall instructed. Harry, Louis, and Zayn headed into the hotel while i was with Skylar and Niall.  

As soon as the boys left Skylar began to cry.  

"You guys should have left me there," she sobbed.  it finally hit me.  She had purposely jumped off the building.


Niall's POV


I carried Skylar back to the hotel.  She was really light.  She had such a pretty name and face too.  I thought Skylar was alright until she began to cry. 

"You guys should have left me there," she cried into my chest.  I was shocked by this.  Shouldn't she be happy we saved her? 

"Why?" I asked. She looked up at me, her lip quivering. 

'I don't want you guys to get in trouble because of ME." 

"You're worth it," I comforted.  

She shook her head and cried louder.  "You can set me on the ground, I'm probably hurting your arms with my weight." 

"No, don't say that," 

The  boys rushed out of the hotel. 

"Okay, lets go. I left a note for management" Louis said.  he unlocked the van and we climbed in.  I got in with Skylar in my arms and let her stay there. To tell you the truth I kind of enjoyed it.  

Her crying eased a little bit, but i could still feel her tears seeping through my shirt.  She began to doze off.  

When we arrived at the hospital, we rushed to the desk.  I, holding Skylar, went slowly, not wanting to wake her.  

Two men came with stretcher and i set her down.  They hooked her up to an oxygen mask and wheeled her into a room.  I tried to follow, but the nurse kept me back.  I went and sat down in one of the waiting chairs.  I put my hands in my hair. 

'She'll be alright mate," Zayn said while patting my back.  They all came and sat down next to me.  "Do you want your food?" I shook my head no, I was to worried. Just the thought of Skylar made me satisfied.  I barely know her, but I know two things: she was perfect and I have fallen for her.


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