You Found Me (Niall Horan fanfic)

I was lost. Alone. Tired of trying. That's when he found me. One Direction fanfic


24. getting to know each other

It was fun hanging out with Grace she was just so social and bubbly.  She can make you laugh at any time.  But there was one thing that was bothering me, how did she know I jumped? I read through all the articles on magazines and not one of them said I purposefully did it.

"Grace, how did you know I jumped?" 

her face paled.  

"Everyone knows, Sky." 

"How?" I asked.

She lowered her voice.

"You were quiet, always sat in the back, the populars bullied you.  Everyone knows how the bullying started.  As soon as you were on the news the jocks told everyone." 

I nodded my head.  

"So who's your favorite?" I asked, changing the subject.


"In One Direction," I said and pointed towards one of the many posters.  

"Oh! Harry of course!" She said.  I could picture her liking Harry.  They were both pretty weird.  I could definitely see them together.  I'd have her meet him.  

My phone beeped, interrupting my thoughts.

"Oohh is that from Niall?" Grace asked, winking.

I looked down to check.  Yup.


"Ohh! What did he say? Let me see!" She grabbed my phone.

I laughed.

"Hey Beautiful, how was your day?.  Awwwhh! That's sweet.  I want a boyfriend."

"I'm sure you do," I laughed.  

I took my phone back and texted Niall back.  

Grace and I spent the whole time getting to know each other.  It was nice.  we tried to make cookies, but they ended up burnt.  Yet we still ate them.  

I stayed for dinner, nicely invited by Grace's mom.  

After that I walked home.  My dad wasn't too happy. 

"Where have you been?!" He fumed.

"I was at a friends house..." I grabbed some water. 

"You know your supposed to come home right after school!" 

"No, actually I don't," I backfired.  He wasn't in charge of me.  Well technically he was. 

"Go to your room and stay there!" 

"I was gonna go there anyway," I said.  I was on fire.  I had never spoken back to him.  

He angrily stomped out of the room into the living room with his friends. 

"Skylar, make me a sandwich." 

"You've got these things called legs.  Maybe you should use them to get off your ass and make your own sandwich." The boys ooh'ed at this.  I mentally applauded myself.  

"So do you," he came back.  

"Yeah I've also got this thing called a broken leg.  and homework." 

I went up the stairs feeling proud of myself. I think things were going to get better.  

Once in my room I changed into some sweats and a tee shirt.  I sat at my desk and began my make up work.  The one bad thing about being gone or sick.  I took out my contacts and put on my glasses.  Contacts were such a pain sometimes.  

There was an incoming call from Niall onn Skype.  I accepted it, but still worked.  

"Hi Princess." 

"Hi," I smiled.  

"Watcha doing?" 


He made a disgusted face.  I laughed.  

"Did you have a good day?" he asked.

"Yeah, for the most part. I like finally made a friend.  Even though its the last week." 

"What's her name?" 

"Grace.  She's like in love with Harry," I laughed.  He laughed also. "they'de be cute together." 

"Really?" he asked.  I nodded my head.  "I'll have to meet her." 


He talked about his day while I did homework.  he tried to help me on a few questions but all his answers were wrong.  Except for one obvious one.  

"Niall, guess what?!" I said. 

"What?" he said mimicking my excitement.

"Ha ha h. Very funny.  Anyway I actually stood up to my dad." 


"Yes!" I nodded my head.  I told him about what happened.  

Once I had finished my homework, Niall and I found ourselves playing matchmaker.  We were gonna get Grace and Harry together.  Niall was going to talk about Grace a little bit.  And I was gonna talk about Harry.  


Harry's POV

"She's like in love with Harry.  They'de be cute together." I heard Skylar's voice coming from Niall's laptop.  What is this they are talking about? A girl? Whose in love with me? And knows Skylar? 

Well if Sky is friends with her, then she must be pretty cool.  Maybe I will find a girl.  

"Hey Harry." I heard Niall's thick accent.  


He started to talk about Skylar.  I kind of zoned out.  I didn't really want to hear it. 

"She's in love with you!" Niall said.

"What?" I said, returning to reality.

"Grace.  Skylar's friend.  She's a huge directioner and loves you." 

"oh," I said.  Grace that was her name.  


Niall's POV

 Did I do it subtly enough? Or was it too obvious I was trying to make him interested.  Well if he noticed or not I'm pretty sure he wants to see her.  His head popped up when I said that she loved him.  

This was fun.  I hope they do end up together.  From the way Sky described her she seemed fun to hang with.  She sounds pretty too.  But more Harry's type.  

So far this was going well.  Very well.

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