You Found Me (Niall Horan fanfic)

I was lost. Alone. Tired of trying. That's when he found me. One Direction fanfic


34. getting ready

Niall's POV

"You got everything you need, Haz?" I asked, walking into the room we shared.  Today was the day.  I was so excited.  

"Yup! I'm so excited you don't even know.  I couldn't sleep last night, I was too busy thinking of her," Harry said all googily eyed.  That's probably how I looked talking about Skylar.  

We grabbed our suitcases.  They weren't that heavy.  All we had was some extra clothes and our suits.  Along with cologne and other stuff.  We had to smell good.  

THe rest of the boys walked into the room.

"You guys are insane," Liam said.  He still didn't exactly approve of our plan.

"It's love, Liam, they can't help their feelings," Louis said.  That was probably one of the deepest things I had ever heard him say.  

"I guess, but still," he said.  

"Got everything?" Zayn asked.  Harry and I nodded our heads.  

"OKay, I'll drive you to the airport and the rest of the boys will distract Paul," Liam said.  Surprisingly he had offered to drive us there.  ON the outside he acted like he was only doing this for us, but I knew that deep down he was doing it for the girls too.  He knew what is like to be thousands of miles away from the one you love.  

We came in together for a big group hug. 

Louis and Zayn walked out, while Liam, me, and Harry waited a few minutes.

We heard Zayn fake cough.  That was the all clear signal.   We left the hotel room silently and swiftly.  We went down the hall way to the elevator.  We all had hats, sunglasses, and big sweatshirts on.  We kept our heads down, trying to stay secret.  

We got our stylist, Lou Teasdale, to put some make up on us.  If any fans found out we would be dead.  And so would Skylar and Grace.  We would take it off when we got there.  


We piled into the van and drove to the airport.  WE got out of the car.

"Boys wait," Liam said, Harry and I turned around.  Liam smiled.

"Go get your girls."

We hugged him and left.

WE got there quickly and went through security.  So far no one had recognized us.  We got seats in the front of the plane, that way we could bolt out when it landed.  

Our flight took off at 2:00.  We should get to the dance around 7:30 if all went well.


Skylar's POV

I woke up.  My pillow was soaked with tears. Oh yeah, Tyler.  I felt a little better about it though.  I just had to keep reminding me I didn't do anything.  But some guilt still hung with me.  I pushed that thought out of my mind.  Tonight was prom.  Sure I didn't have a date, but I had Grace.  We would be lonely together.  It was still going to be fun.  IT would be more fun if I had this stupid boot off my leg.  I would get it off in a couple weeks.  The surgery fixed the shattered bone, but this was just recovery.   

I walked into the bathroom.  I had forgotten to take off my make up last night.  I looked like the bride of Frankenstein.  Yes, it was that bad.  

I washed my face and brushed my hair.  I looked a lot better, well my face did.  My hair was like a rat's nest.

I went down stairs and ate some frosted flakes with orange juice for breakfast.  AFter I finished eating the sugary cereal I headed back upstairs.

Shower time! I took a nice, hot, long one.  It felt good to be clean.   

I came out and looked in the mirror.  I looked so much better.  My face was clean. My hair was no longer filled with hairspray.  I changed into some shorts and a t shirt, adding a little make up. 

  Grace and I were going to get our nails done in half an hour.  Her mom was going to do our hair.  She was some hair stylist.  

My dad walked down stairs.

"Morning," I said.

"Hey.  You going somewhere?" He asked.

"Yeah, Grace and I are going to get our nails done and then we are going back to her house to get ready for tonight," I said. 

"You better come back here before you go to prom. I want pictures!" 

I laughed and nodded my head.  

I went upstairs and grabbed the hanger that my dress was on.  I next grabbed some silver flats.  I then packed all my make up into my make up bag.  I grabbed a purse, putting my wallet into it, and walked downstairs.  A horn honked. 

"Bye Dad!" I called out.  I opened the door and saw Grace sitting in her car.

"You ready?"

"Yup! I said getting into her car.

We decided to get some lunch before getting our nails done. 

We went into a Panda Express and ate.  IT was so good.  I hand't been to one of those in awhile.  

After eating we went to the nail salon. 


"I'm so exited!" Grace said, her sparkly orangish pink nails on the steering wheel.

"Me too," I said, admiring my french manicure.  They looked amazing.  To tell you the truth I was scared they were going to turn out terrible.  I couldn't understand a word the Asian worker was saying! 

We went into her house.  We tried to Skype Niall and Harry but neither one of them answered.  WE called and texted them multiple times but nothing came.  I knew it was their day off.  Niall told me.  Why wasn't he answering.  Grace and I were being to get worried when it was 4:00 and there had been no sign of them.

We went downstairs to eat an early dinner.  We both agreed on some mac & cheese.  

When we finished eating, we went upstairs into her parent's huge master bathroom.  This is where her mom was going to do our hair and make up.  I was excited.  

"Hey mom!" Grace said while her mom walked in.  She took out curling irons, hair spray, hair clips, and her make up.  I took out my make up bag too.  We had all agreed  that Grace and I were going to share make up tonight.  Gives us more variety.  

She started to do my hair first.  It took longer than I expected but it looked amazing.  It was a very stylish up do.,r:30,s:100,i:94&iact=rc&page=4&tbnh=188&tbnw=137&ndsp=42&tx=66&ty=128

It was now Grace's turn.  Her's didn't take as long as mine.  She had shorter hair then me.,r:15,s:200,i:49&iact=rc&page=6&tbnh=172&tbnw=126&ndsp=40&tx=59&ty=63

Our hair looked absolutely gorgeous.  By the time she finished it was 5:45.  We still had an hour and fifteen minutes before prom started.  

Make up was next.  

First she put some foundation on us both and covered it with cream blush so it wasn't so shiny.  She added some light eyeshadow and navy eye liner, making my brown eyes pop.  She added mascara.  She got it on perfectly.  Each eye was even.  Next she added a pink blush to my cheeks and lip gloss to my lips.  I looked in the mirror.  Wow.  I hugged her and sat back down.  

It was Grace's turn next.  

She added light orange eye shadow and black eyeliner.  Her beautiful eyes were even more beautiful.  Again, she added the perfect amount f mascara.  She added a darker blush and some lip gloss.  We thanked her and got into our dresses.  SKylar's dress,r:71,s:0,i:309&iact=rc&page=3&tbnh=182&tbnw=109&start=56&ndsp=32&tx=69&ty=151 Grace's dress.


WE looked into the mirror.  We looked gorgeous.  The part I liked best was we still looked like ourselves. We didn't look extremely different.  

We walked down stairs where her dad was with a camera.  He took lots of pictures.  Her mom and little brother watched as we slowly descended.  

We hugged them and went outside into her car. 

First we stopped at my house. 

"Dad?" I asked, walking inside.  

He came out of the living room with a camera. He looked up and froze.

"You girls look gorgeous," he said.

He took lots of pictures before he decided that he had gotten enough.  

"Bye, see you tonight," I said hugging him.

"Have fun, and be careful!" He said.

We will," Grace laughed.

She opened the door and I followed her outside to her car.  We drove the short ride to school.  I had butterflies in my stomach.  It was going to be fun.  Even if Niall wasn't there.  Grace and I would have fun together.  

WE had agreed that we were going to act like a lesbian couple just for kicks.  We didn't care.  WE probably aren't going to see most of these people ever again.

She pulled into the school parking lot.  It was 7:00 and the lot was already crowded.  We eventaully find a spot.  She stopped the car.

"Ready?" she asked. I took a deep breathe.


We walked hand in hand to the gym.  The music was blaring loudly and all the seniors were on the floor dancing.  

This was going to be a great prom.   



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