You Found Me (Niall Horan fanfic)

I was lost. Alone. Tired of trying. That's when he found me. One Direction fanfic


2. Falling

I'm walking alone down a deserted road.  I had left the house at midnight, about an hour ago.  As I walked further down the road I came closer to the city of Atlanta, Georgia.  It was a big city.  There was a little bit of activity.  An occasional car passed by, a few homeless men, and of course gang bangers and drunkies. 


I walked deeper and deeper into the city when finally i had come to a quiet seven story building right next to a McDonalds.  I came across a back door to the building.  Locked.  I pulled a bobby pin out of my hair and unlocked the door.  The one advantage to having a criminal mother and drug addict father.  


The building was run down and dirty with spiders everywhere.  I looked around before I finally found the staircase.  I began to ascend.  On about the sixth level a rat scurried across my feet.  I screamed and instantly covered my mouth.  I pray to God no one heard me.  My legs were screaming in pain but i continued up the last flight of stairs.  I reached the roof of the building.  

The roof wasn't much better than the rest of the building.  Cobwebs everywhere and a thick five layers of dust.  My clothes were filthy from the stairs and I had pit stains.  I was never much of an athlete.  I was never much of anything.  I wasn't supposed to be born.  I had been told that by my parents numerous times. When I was born I wasn't supposed to last the night... but unfortunately I did.  When I was younger I had been hit by a car and was supposed to be paralyzed from my chest down... but I wasn't.  


I walked over to the edge of the building and looked down.  There was no way I would survive that.  I hopped onto the edge and prepared myself to meet my Maker.  I said i silent prayer in my head that I would die.  I could just feel that it was my time to ago.  The world would be better without me.  I'm just a waste of space.  I was about to jump off.  


"Don't do it." A voice said in my head.  I took a step back.  "Walk back down the stairs." It said.  

"No!" I said an climbed back onto the edge.  Before the voice spoke again I threw myself down the building.  Down. Down. Down I fell.  I hit the ground with a thud.  My head it the ground first, followed by the rest of my body.  Pain erupted throughout my body, but i enjoyed it.  I could feel my heart beat slowing.  I lifted a hand to my head.  I had a huge gash right by my right temple.  


I closed my eyes, trying to make my death shorter.  But it did not work.  My heart beat was at a steady pace now and I could still breathe very easily.  I wasn't dying.  I tried to stand up but yelped in pain.  My leg was probably severely broken.  I had many other cuts and scrapes on my exposed skin, probably much more under my ratty clothes.  


I lay there helpless on the side of the road.  I began to cry, not cause I was in pain.  But because I know that I wasn't dying and wouldn't anytime soon.   


  Niall's POV

The boy's and I had finished our concert for the night and were bored in the hotel.  

"C'mon guys! Can we please get some food? I'm starving!" I begged.  There was no good food here.  

"Well, if we do sneak out where are we going to go?" Liam asked.  

"I don't know maybe a McDonalds." I answered.  

The boys discussed this a little bit.  "I'll go" Harry said, which meant Louis was going.  I smiled.  I have been smiling more ever since i got my braces off.  

"I could go for a burger," Zayn said and grabbed his jacket.  We all looked at Liam with pleading eyes.  

"Remember the last time we did this?" he said, referring to two months ago when we had gotten caught.  I laughed quietly to myself.

"I'll be more careful this time.  I promise." Liam sighed.  The rest of us cheered.  We knew we had convinced him. 

We all grabbed our shoes and jackets and quietly headed out the door.  We sneaked past the guy at the desk and exited through the back door.  We put our hoods up and our heads low just in case.  We walked about five minutes to a McDonalds and gave the worker our orders.  


We sat at a table in the corner, right next to the exit in case we needed to bolt.  The boys and I made small talk while we waited for our order.  I heard a scream coming from outside, but no one else noticed it so I assumed I was hearing things.  

"Order 196" the lady called.  I stood up and grabbed our food.  The cashier looked very tired.  I felt pity for the woman and handed her an extra $10.  This seemed to lighten her mood a little bit.  


I was eating my second burger when i heard a thud.  It was loud. I paid no attention to it, thinking it was people messing around.  I was about to take another bite when i heard the scream again.  This time louder, as if the person was in pain.  This time i know everyone else had heard it.  I dropped my burger and walked out of the building, followed by the boys.  


I heard quiet sobs in the distance and used that to locate the person.  It was a girl, that I was sure of.  I walked to the back of a seven story building that looked as if it had been out of business for 10 years.  There i found a girl.  She had cuts and bruises all over her body from what I could see.  She had a huge gash on the right side of her head and was holding her leg which was probably broken.  


We rushed to her side.  I got there first and knelt by her.  Sobs escaped from her lips and tears flowed from her eyes.  I looked closer at her face. The girl was stunningly beautiful.  

"What happened?" I whispered.  

"It didn't work," she said through sniffles and began to cry louder.  She opened her eyes to reveal beautiful brown eyes that sparkled.  "It didn't work" she whispered.  


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