You Found Me (Niall Horan fanfic)

I was lost. Alone. Tired of trying. That's when he found me. One Direction fanfic


43. coming back for you

*Two months later*

Niall's POV

Harry and I rode nervously in the cab.  IT had been about two months since I last heard from Skylar, but I was still keeping my promise about coming to her after tour.  I don't know what happened.  She just stopped talking to me.  None of my texts would deliver, whenever I called it wouldn't even ring, it would go straight to voicemail.  I figured she had last her phone or something, but I would've thought she would have tried to contact me.  Twitter maybe.  

Grace wouldn't text Harry either.  But hers had delivered.  And the calls actually rang.  We were confused, but then again we barely had any extra time. With recording the new album, the tour, visiting fans, photoshoots, the perfume, the movie we barely had time to sleep! 

The cab driver dropped me off at Skylar's first.  Harry was going to stay in the cab so me And Skylar can have our little reunion.  

A part of me was scared that she went back into depression.  That she tried to kill herself.  THat she was hurting herself.  But I remember what she promised me, and I trusted her.  

I nervously walked up the porch steps, took a big breath, and rang the doorbell.  No one came, I rang again.  I heard some footsteps coming.  The door was unlocked and open.

A man who had not aged very well and hasn't shaved for awhile answered the door.  HE had worry lines etched in his forehead and his lips were in a stern frown.  He had a beer in hand, but he hadn't been drinking much.  Skylar's dad.

I smiled.

"HI sir, is Skylar-"

"No, son she's not," he said sternly. 

"Where is she?" I expected him to say with Grace.  

"She disappeared two months ago."


"I found this on her bed and these in her trashcan." He held out the pictures of us two, and a magazine cover with me and Zoe and HArry and Kara kissing.  Shit.  

"She left this message for me."

He took out his phone and scrolled through it for a bit before finding what he was looking for.  He held it out to my ear.

"Hi Dad, it's Skylar," I nearly burst into tears at the sound of her voice.

"I know you're wondering where I am, but I'm going somewhere else.  I have to get away, I can't do this.  Don't worry me about me, I'm fine.  I love you."

THe call ended.  

"What happened?" I asked.

"You tell me lover boy? You save her, tell her you love her, take away her virginity.  Then you go and eat this girl's face off!" he chucked the magazine at me.  

"And now you come back here, looking for her.  Better yet you have flowers.  Cause those can totally fix everything."

"That's not the whole story!" I defended.

"Well maybe I don't want to hear the whole story."

And with that he shut the door in my face.

She had to get away? From what? From me? Where did she go? What have I done?

This questions kept repeating in my mind as I headed towards the car.  Harry was stunned to see me.


"Sh-she's not there..."

"Where is she?"

"I don't know." I put my head in my hands.   

"She can't just leave."

"Apparently she can!" I roared.  


We drove to Grace's house halfheartedly.  If Skylar wasn't home would Grace? Grace most definitely knew about the Kara thing.  After all she was a directioner.  And if Skylar knew and had a magazine about it, then she told Grace.  What was happening.  


Harry and I walked slowly to the front door.  We knocked twice.  No answer.  We tried again.  E heard the sound of shuffling feet.

"Calm down I'm coming!" Someone yelled from inside.  Grace.  She unlocked and opened the door.  

She was in her pajamas and her hair was a mess, I'm guessing she had just woken up.  Her eyes were closed.

"God, you had to come so early-" She looked up and opened her eyes.  Her lips turned into a small smile, but it instantly faded.  She immediately shut the door.  Harry looked surprised. 

"Ow." he said holding his nose.  

We knocked and rang the doorbell continuously.  She didn't answer.

"Grace please?" Harry yelled.  

The door opened.

"What do you want?" she demanded, her eyes looked red.  

Harry held out the flowers and smiled.  She gave him a stern look and stared at the flowers.  She looked up, chewing her gum.

"There for you-"

She grabbed them and threw them on the floor.  

"What was that for?" Harry yelled.  She looked almost scared for a second.  

"THis!" she yelled back and threw the magazine at him.  He picked it up.  HIs eyes got wide.

"Care to explain?" she asked angrily.  "Wait, I don't want to hear it."

She was about to close the door. 

"Where's Skylar?" I yelled before she could.  SHe opened it back up.  

"I can't tell you." A tear rolled down her cheek.

"Why not?"

"I was told not to."

"By who?" I asked.


"You talked to her?"

"Yeah," she scoffed, "a few months ago." She was leaning across the door now.   Harry hadn't said anything, he was just staring at her.  

"Can I help you?" she asked Harry, obviously annoyed.

"You're even prettier than last time," he whispered.

"Oh please, don't give me that shit-"

"It's not shit!" He yelled, she was taken aback by his outburst.  "It's the truth," he whispered.  

"Did you say that to Kara, too? I mean you must have actually meant it when you said it to her.  She's way prettier than me-"

"Don't say that."

"Its the truth."

He was stepping towards her little by little.  

"I don't like Kara," he said her name with a disgusted tone. 

"Why were you kissing her?"

"Management," we answered in union.

"And why didn't you tell us this? I mean Skylar wouldn't be in the- the uh place where she is if you did."  

"We didn't want to hurt you," Harry said.

"YOu hurt us more by not telling us."

He was nearly touching her now.  

"I'm sorry."

"Like I haven't heard that a thousand times before-" he interrupted her with a kiss.  She was shocked at first, but soon understood and kissed him back.

And me? I stood there awkwardly waiting for it to end.  I was happy though, happy one thing was fixed.  

Her head was leaning on his chest as his arms were wrapped around her.  Tears were rolling down her face.  


"Where is she?" I asked quickly. 

"I might have an idea," she said.  



We rode in Grace's car.  She still hadn't told us where SKylar was.  She had simply walked inside and walked back out with clothes and make up on.  

"So where is she?"

She sighed.

"A few months ago I had asked her what she would do if you two ever ended badly, or you cheated on her.  I had been hearing rumors about you guys having girlfriends...."


"She told me that she promised you she would never self harm again."

She sighed, more tears running down her face.

"She checked herself into a mental asylum."

I was stunned.  


"She thought she might be mental, thinking you two would last forever. "


We drove into the parking lot of "Murphy's Hospital for the Unstable".   I was the first one out.  Grace had stopped crying and and fixed her make up.  All while driving, these girls were serious multitaskser.   

Harry grabbed Grace's hand as we opened the door.  A bell rang and we walked toward the front.

"HI how may I help you?" A lady asked a little too cheerily.  

"We are looking for Skylar Jones."

She typed something into her computer and scrolled through.  Her forehead creased in thought.

"WE do not have a girl by that name here.  Sorry."

"What?" I turned toward Grace.  "IS there anymore mental asylums around here?"

"Not for fifty miles."

"She has to be here, she doesn't have a car."

"I'm sorry but there is no one here-"

"Dammint Barbra.  You're supposed to move your piece!" A voice shouted.  

I whipped my head around and saw two girls sitting at a table playing checkers.  The one girl I was facing had glasses, was wearing an ugly green sweater and seemed frightened from the other's girl outburst.  I couldn't see her face but I knew exactly who it was.  

"Who is that?" I asked the lady.

"I'm sorry but I can't give out any information."

"Katie Greyson." Grace whispered.


"We are looking for Katie Greyson," Grace said to her.

"That's her," the lady said, pointing towards Skylar.

"Katie Greyson?" I asked.  

"Awhile ago, Sky and I made a fake profile named Katie Greyson.  We were using it to stalk people." She smiled at the memory.  


I walked toward the table.  I came up right behind the chair.  SKylar noticed someone's presence as she stiffened.  

"Skylar?" I whispered.  She sat up straighter and closed her fingers to her palm.  (A/N my heart literally started racing at this moment)


Skylar's POV

"Skylar?" a thick Irish accent said.  My back straightened as my heart race picked up and my breathing quickened.

"Niall?" I said.  I turned around.  Sure enough it was him.  I would recognize his voice anywhere.  Behind him were Grace and HArry, holding hands.  

He smiled and wrapped his arms around me.  I stood there like a stick.  Barbra screamed.  Niall pulled away.  

"Murderer! Murderer!" She yelled, pointing at Niall.  She scrambled away and tripped.  The nurse came and settled her down.  SHe thought everyone was out to kill her because she was from the 'future'.  She claimed there was a time machine in the bathroom.  Crazy girl.  

Niall looked back at me.

"THis is where your staying?"

"Yeah," I answered.  


"Because of the stupid promise i made to you." He stayed quiet.  I began to walk away but he grabbed my wrist. 

"Why did you come here?" I asked louder than intended.  Everyone stared at me.

"UH sorry guys." They kept staring.  "Did you know there is a time machine in the bathroom!" I told them.  They looked at each other and half of them rushed towards the bathroom.  I looked back at Niall.

"Why did you come here?" I repeated, quieter this time.  

"Because of you." I stared at him with about as much emotion as a brick on the outside, but on the inside I wanted to scream, and cry, and just hug him.  

"Why didn't you ask me about the girl?" he asked.

"Why didn't you tell me?" I shot back.  He looked guilty and I instantly fell bad.  No, you want him to feel guilty, i reminded myself.  

"I didn't want you to get hurt-"

"Well that didn't work!" I said, wiggling out of his strong grip.

"Just hear me out, okay?"  I said nothing.  

"Well go on, I'm listening!" 

"Management forced us to date them for a month.  They needed to give us more publicity, people were getting bored with us."

"You had to have known I would've found out," I said.

"I know, but I still hoped you wouldn't."


"Skylar please."

"What do you want me to do?"

"Forgive me."


"Because I made a mistake."  He looked sincere.

"Damn right you did," I murmured. 

"I love you, not Zoe," he said her name as if it was the worst thing alive.  

"Why should I believe you?"

"Because I do," Grace said.  I looked over at her.  

"I thought you weren't going to tell?" I asked her. 

"I had to.  I missed you, and so did he." she pointed towards Niall.  

"Skylar I chose my family over you right now," Niall said.  I smiled slightly.


"Don't apologize, it was my fault." he took my small hands in his large ones.  I nodded.  He wrapped his muscular arms around me, but this time I hugged back.  We pulled away and I went to Grace. 

"Thank you," I whispered in her ear.

"YOu gotta choose more original names," she laughed.  

We pulled away and awkwardly stood there.  

"Should we go?" Harry asked.  I nodded and we walked towards the front desk.

"We'd like to heck her out?" Niall asked.

"Only family members over 18 may do that."

"I'm her cousin!" Grace said.  A smiled tugged at my lips.

"Melanie Greyson," grace said.  When we had created Katie, we made her cousin Melanie. 

"ID?"  Her face paled.  

"Um search her on Instagram," I suggested.  THe lady shook her head but obeyed.  On Melanie's profile there were pictures of us.  

"I guess it's alright, after all you are the most normal one here," she said, referring to me.  

We thanked her and went out to Grace's car.  I suddenly felt self conscious about myself.  I was in grey sweats, a purple tank top, and an old jacket.  I was wearing no make up and my hair was a mess.  I was also in my glasses, which I hated wearing in public.  

"You look fine," Niall whispered in my ear.  I blushed slightly and climbed into the car.  


What now?



Sorry for the late update, I have been so busy lately.  But this chapter is pretty long.  No, the story is not over, I honestly don't know when it will be.  SOmeone want to make a trailer for me? 

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