You Found Me (Niall Horan fanfic)

I was lost. Alone. Tired of trying. That's when he found me. One Direction fanfic


23. back at school

Last week of school means finals.  I hadn't been here the week before.  Not that it would have helped much.  I begged Dad to let me skip school all together but he refused.  the one thing he won't let me do.  Friday was graduation.  I don't know what I'm going to wear.  I don't know anything.  

All I did yesterday was study.  Study.  And study.  


I woke up at 6:30 am  it felt so weird to be up this early.  I dragged myself out of bed and took a shower, taking the cast boot off.  


I finished and began with my makeup.  To tell you the truth I was scared.  Concealer and foundation.  I hand't been there for a week.  And I was coming back with a broken leg and scars over my legs.  Eyeshadow.  All the popular girls would have seen me on the cover of a magazine with Niall.  What's going to happen with that? Eyeliner.  If everybody doesn't know they will by the end of today.  Mascara.  Even the teachers.  How will they treat me? Worse or better? Blush.  How many of them are going to try and be my friend.  Its the last week, nothing outrageous can happen right? Tinted lip gloss.  

I took one last glance in the mirror and headed downstairs.  There I prepared a small lunch and ate a banana as my breakfast.  

I brushed my teeth and grabbed my bag.  I was then off walking to the bus stop, which was thankfully only a block away.  There were other kids from my street waiting.  They all stared at me.  Up and down.  No one said anything to me.  Not a word, gesture, or breathe.


The bus finally came and I stumbled to my seat in the middle rows.  No one had come to sit by me.  THis wasn't unusual.  It was normal.  It was exactly how it used to be.  What was I expecting? Everyone to be all over me? That I would have actual friends to hang with in the summer? Even if they are fake? Why yes, yes I was. That's exactly what I had wanted.  I wanted to be noticed in a positive way.  


The ride to school was long and quiet.  Well for me.  The bus was actually loud, with all the jocks and their girlfriends in back.  People throwing random crap, kissing, hair pulling, and the bullies picking on all the little nerds and their science projects.  

The whole ride I got different looks from different people.  The jocks : hatred, jealousy, annoyance. The nerds: sympathy, some weird looks which I have no idea what they mean, and some almost disgust, if a nerd can have disgust.  Emos:  evil smiles, thumbs up, even an offer of a cigarette.  


We arrived at school.  I was the last one out.  The school was buzzing with kids, excited that it is finally the last week.  

I walked alone to my locker.  I turned the combination and opened it.  Pieces of paper all flew out.  


I bent down and picked them up.  They had writing. 




'attention seeker' 



'i hate u'

'niall's mine' 

the tears were brimming in my eyes, threatening to fall down.  Niall hurry up and get back.  I don't know how long I can keep my promise.  I grabbed my books and closed my locker.  I looked around to make sure no one saw me.  Too late.  People were staring at me.  When they saw me looking at them they went back to their business.   Although there was one girl who kept looking at me.  But she turned her back.  She was a little taller than me, brown hair with blonde high lights, insanely pretty and colorful eyes, beautiful.  She turned back to her friends.  She seemed very giggly.

 I walked to the trashcan and dropped the paper in.  I could feel eyes on me.  But I didn't turn around.  I wiped my tears and headed for English class.  

There were a few other kids there.  IT wasn't quite time.  All eyes were on me.  But they immediately fell back down.  Whatever.

I took my seat and did some last minute studying.  More kids walked in and the bell rung.  

Mr. Shultz started handing out the test.  I put my name on and looked at the first question.  Eh not that hard.  I was on the essay part when he called me up.  

"Skylar Jones?" Everyone looked at me.  I kept my face down.


I reluctantly stood up and walked to Mr. Shultz desk.

"Yes?" I asked, a little bit annoyed.  

"You'll need to make up all the work you missed.  Its not that much." He handed me a stack of papers.  I nodded my head and headed back towards my desk.  


I finished the text feeling confident about myself, especially the essay.  My next class was Biology. Not my best subject.  

I walked in and found a seat.  once again all eyes on me.  This was getting annoying.  


Lunch finally arrived.  I grabbed my sack and walked into the cafeteria where I found a small table. I sat there and ate my sandwich.  

The same girl from this morning walked over and sat by me.  

"Hi," she said enthusiastically. 


She began to eat her lunch.

"I'm Grace Elizabeth," she smiled.

"Skylar Jones," I said. 

"Oh everyone knows that."

"Grace, what are you doing hanging with her? Come sit with us" a girl said. 

"Oh, gotta go." 

She got up and left to be with her friends. 

That was just strange.  On so many levels.  I have never spoken to this girl in my life.  


History. Again with the eyes.  It was getting really annoying.  Thankfully that was the last class of the day. 

I went to my locker and got ready to leave.  I closed my locker.

"Hiya," Grace, i think it was, said.


"So is it true?" she asked. 

"Is what true?" 

"You and Niall Horan!" 

I blushed. 

"Sorta, its complicated," I explained.  

"Well you can explain it to me at my house. C'mon," she motioned for me to follow her.  She was not shy at all.  She was crazy.  Giggly.  But in some weird way I liked her.  As a friend of course.  

We walked out of the building to the bus.  She sat by me.  It was weird.  

"So why did you do it?" she asked. 

When I didn't answer she said "you know, jump off a building, try and kill yourself." 

I sighed.  

"You saw all the notes..." 

"Yeah but those are just words.  THose people are bullies." 

"Words hurt," I said.

"That can't be the only reason," she pushed. 

I shook my head no.  "Grace...not here, not now." 

She nodded understandingly.  

We got off at the bus stop.  I began to walk in the direction of my home.  

"Skylar, where are you going? my house is this way," she pointed down another street. 

"My house is this way," I said and pointed down my street.  

"Skylar I'm serious.  Come to my house." 

I turned around and limped next to her.  

"Why are you doing this?" I asked. 

"Doing what?" 

"Being nice to me, talking to me, hanging out with me, inviting me over? Is there something you want? You want to get close to One Direction? You wanna be on magazines?" 

"No, that's not it.  I don't are about those things," she said. 

"Then why?" 

She stopped walking.

"Because when you were gone those populars had no one to pick on.  So they chose me.  I know mine was only for a little bit and wasn't nearly as they were to you, but it still hurt.  I understand you now.  And what you go through.  I'm sorry," 

"Wow..." I said, "was not expecting that.  

SHe nodded her head. 

"This is my house here." 

We walked in.  Her mom was busy on the phone.  She waved hi to us and continued talking.  We went up the stairs to her bedroom.  It was a blue and had posters everywhere.  Mainly One Direction.  Good God.  

"Wow," I whispered. 

"I love them!" she said and laughed.  

"So this has nothing to do with me liking One Direction?" I said.

"Of course not! That's just a bonus," she said.  I laughed.  

Grace was really nice.  And I believed her.  I think I might have finally made a friend.  Even though it was the last week of school.  



If it wasnt already obvious onedirectionluver18 (Grace Elizabeth) you won! You fit perfectly.  Sorry if I'm over doing the 'giggly' part.  

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