You Found Me (Niall Horan fanfic)

I was lost. Alone. Tired of trying. That's when he found me. One Direction fanfic


19. A/N important! please read!

Okay harry needs a gf (sorry for spoiler alert :)) soooooo if you want to be his gf please email me,comment on my one direction instagram, or comment on here.  To have a chance you MUST say what you look like eye color, hair color, height, braces, etc.  and your personality hobbies, talents, interests, and of course your full name.  and if there is a certain place you want to meet harry or what not say that too.  Please go! and quick! harry needs a gf soon! will you be his special girl? ;) Not to be mean but if you are 11 or under i would prefer that you wouldn't enter just in case.  

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