Reinventing The Wheel To Run Myself Over

Its 2020...5 years after the United States of America was bombed by a Nuclear warhead from where we don't know. America in total ruin, now run by anarcy. Plunged into darkness the lives you knew arent there. In a world where only teenagers survived the blast. Im a survior, either you will call me lucky or very Unlucky, I am Lux I'm 17 and I am dragged into the raging war between the North Deans Republic or the NDR and the Federation of Liberation or the FOL's power stuggle. I will make it out and I will come out on top.....


3. What was that.....


****Logans P.O.V.****

"Lo!!! Wake up its time for you to get ready for our show!" echoed my friend Ryans voice as he pulled the sheets off my body.

"5 more minutes!" I called back pulling the covers back up.

"Nope now" He shook the bedposts and yanked my covers off, I rolled onto my back and gave him the dirtest look I could manage at 8am.

"Dude its 8am, its like the middle of the night..." I grunted from under a pillow i covered my face with.

"Hey get your lazy ass up, Logan, before Harvey eats all the bacon!" called our other band member Tom. My stomach growled

"Fine, I'm up, I'm up" I grumbled. I grabbed my usual clothes and dragged myself down the small flight of stairs. I ran a hand over a photo fame closest to the bottom

"Morning Sis" I whispered glancing at the photo of my sister who died last year. Saying it every morning made me feel better. I looked at how out of place the small metal fame looked with the rest of Ryans ornate paintings that hung on the yellow walls. Dust covered most of the house. I turned into the kitchen inhaling the smell of fried pig. I plopped into the chair. Dustin bounced into the kitchen. Dustin was the one of us who was a morning person, the only one. I put my head on the counter, it was icy cold on my skin, the sudden contact making me jump slightly. Dustin started singing as he was dishing out the mounds of breakfast. Steaming eggs and still bubbling fatty bacon, our last meal before we went on tour. The kitchens cold white linoluem floor frozemy bare feet. Dustin started flailing his arms

"BEE BEE THERE IS A BEE" I started laughing so hard that I spit my eggs into my orange juice. The yellowy substance sank to the bottom of my glass and me, Tom, Ryan and Harvey were wiping tears out of our eyes. After breakfast we went to grab our bags and get to the bus. Thats when it hit.


The white flash of light and a loud boom. The sound knocked me and my friends to the floor as the windows rained down shards of broken glass. I flipped onto my back and covered my head. We looked  around in shock. The once white picket fence neighborhood was in ruins, homes on fire, bodies lay mangled everywhere. Like a war zone you see on tv. The smell hit my nose and singed it. Dustin was gagging for air. I felt like joining him.

"We need to find those guns...split up. Do you know the Staples up the street about 3 miles?" Dustin questioned. I nodded.

"We can meet there grab whatever survivors you can find." I added. We began to look in the ruins of our house. Trying not to look at Harley or Ryan, I grabbed the guns and kitchen knives that we had hidden. With our job we gained alot of money and that ment a need to protect it, hence the guns. With my bag packed I helped Dustin finish his and we walked 'outside', we said our goodbyes. I grabbed Dustin and hugged him.

"Be Safe your all I got left little dude, grab any surviors to get your back." Dustin nodded and his black hair fell in his gray eyes.

"Take care." I nodded back and called after him as he was walking away kicking up the dirt

"Wait 3 days if I'm not there move on..." The realization of what that meant hit us hard. Turning away from my best friend I walked down the melted street. I started to day dream possiblitys of what happened. After what seemed like miles, I heard a girl scream. I whipped my head around looking for the source. About 3 houses from me was a girl looking up at a tree that held a body, the girls face was covered in blood and her night black hair was whipping around her face. She was on her knees and on the verge of a breakdown. I jogged over, her violet eyes met my eyes. It felt like something ran over my heart, I was floored by my sudden reaction to protect her. Her tears made white-hot streaks on her blood covered face.Then a loud crack, the large branch supporting the body broke and hit her. I threw the branch off and picked her up in the same manner a groom would a bride. She was small about 5'6, but she had curves in the right places. Her black, silky hair was brushing my arm. I spotted a old wawa down the block, still carrying her I walked down to it. The old alley was slightly dirty but it was better than nothing. Propping her small fame against the brick wall I stepped over the remainder of the wall. I grabbed paper towels, water bottles and whatever bagged and canned food I could carry. I made about four trips. I grabbed the paper towels and a water bottle. The blood had dried and caked her face, except in the places her tears were. I wetted the paper towels and lightly rubbed the blood off her face. Creamy white skin showed with every drop of water her nose was spattered with light freckles that added to her vunerablilty. The paper towel was pink and soaked in blood. Her cheek was cut and she had a cut on her rose lips. I noticed her arm was burnt not burnt but singed. I put some neosporin I found inside. Her face finally cleared of blood, she was pretty. Pretty in a different way, not the runway models that were so thin if you poked them a bone would break. Her long black hair was slightly wavy and reached her petite waist. Long eyelashes seemed to frame the amazing violet eyes I had seen earlier. The subtle rise and fall of her chest reassured me she was indeed alive. I suddenly worried about stupid things like a tooth brush and deoderant and asprin. Against my better judgement I went back and got them. Noticing she had a backpack I slid it off her and destributed what I scavenged. I sat near her, near enough to hear her breathing. I zoned off and unknowing was slipping my hand through her hair. Mezmorized by the way it seemed to flow between my fingertips. Realizing what I was doing and coming back to Earth, I took to pacing the alley. Leaning against the wall I noticed her shift. Her eyelashes fluttered, clearly she was trying to figure out where she was and how she moved.

"Good your awake, I thought you were dead." I hadnt meant to say that but somehow my mouth had other ideas, like saying that. Her head moved in the direction of my voice. Her violet eyes took in me and the surrounings. Forgive my ego for talking but I'd like to think she as looking at me more then the bricks. A blush overtook her pale cheeks. I swallowed. Then her pink lips opened

"Well as cheery as that is, I am alive so your stuck with me." Her light airy voice with a hint of an accent reached my ears. She pushed herself up and leaned against the wall for a  moment. I grabbed my fist tighter to restrain myself from running over her and holding her up myself.

"Im Luxandrea, but everyone calls, er everyone called me Lux or Lights." she spoke up again. Holding her hand out to me. I smiled at the very humane gesture in a very inhumane place, I looked at her violet eyes. I search my mind for a smart or sarcastic response.

"I, am stuck with you, hope you know how to protect yourself, Im Logan and you can call me Logan." I let my eyes roam over her body one more time, the black jacket and green tank top added to her look of 'help me, im helpless' apperence. But her eyes told a different story, one that made you wary to talk to her. Lux, thats what I'll call her. Lux looked over at her bag and picked it up she went though a process of wrapping one gun and placing it in her bag, arming herself with one gun and a knife. She turned and noticed me looking, arching an eyebrow she looked back at her bag and slid it back on. Lux tettered with the weight.

"We should find out what happened..." I couldn't met her eyes, my father, who was in the FBI had shown up monthes ago, had begged me to go on a trip to the U.K for awhile. He said America was in danger.

"I have an idea of what happend.." Dont do it dont do it I thought but like always I did just the opposite

"I think it was a nuclear bomb threat ment to disable the US..." Her eyes lit up in amusement and her giggling went on for a good minute. She went to respond but the sound of a loud plane heading our way cut her off. I took several large steps foward and pressed my body against hers, pushing her into the shadow. Lux wiggled against me, oh this was NOT a good idea.

"STOP" I hissed between my teeth at her.

"Are they gunna kill survivors...." She questioned fearful, her violet eyes wide. I shook my head quickly, nothing was going to happen to this girl while I was alive. After about 20 minutes of the plane passing and the papers rain I reluctently moved away and off of her. Missing the contact immietly.

"Oh Oxygen, How I love you." Lux said sarcastically taking a deep breath, I rolled my eyes at her and couldnt fight off the grin that spread across my face. She plucked a flyer off the wall and we both moved closer to read it. The air between us snapping and sizzling. The paper read

'Warning to survivors, You have been bombed with a Nero-Nuclear bomb, and We are sending troops to build a capital and establish small colonies. Hail to the new age. All females have no rights all males will be either drafted into a military base or remain where they wish. Go to whatevers left of New York, we will be at the Harbor for a month, if you do not register, you will be against the new government and will be called an rebel and will be punished severly.'

I couldnt believe this. I was stunned with the declarations. After Dad lying to me for years and he was finally right. I felt my face frown and my eyes scrunch up from glaring at the paper. "I am a human being not a thing! You cannot just take someones rights away!" Lux clenched her teeth, pacing and throwing her hands. I looked at her like I was some caged animal. Tears stained her face. I clenched my hand to prevent it from wiping away those teares. Lux suddenly punched the wall. She winced and held her hand and head against the cool bricks. I just sighed and ripped my white wife beater at the hem. Lux glanced back, I walked over with my hands up and grabbed her smooth wrist, I go to work on wrapping her hand and occationally glancing at her face to see if she was in pain. She obiously trained her face into a straight face to reveal nothing. I stared back into her violet eyes. She looked down at her hand glancing back at my face her  eyes searching mine danced in the low light. I smiled. She looked at my face. An idea formed in my mind. She watched my face cautionally. I pulled the bandage tighter and Lux winced and slammed foward into my arms.

"There you go nice and tight." I said restraining a laugh that made my shoulders shake. Lux gave me a dirty look and rolled those eyes.

"Yes I think its tight enough thanks!" Lux said. I stood and she nursed her hand and swatted at my head. Ducking out of the way. Her hand went over my shoulder. I laughed as a blush spread across her cheeks. Studing the sky I knew we needed to move to shelter

"We need to start walking for some building thats gunna cover our heads its gunna storm soon...." She looked at the sky that was still an ominous black. We shuffled along the melted road for miles and reached an office building half up. After walking up four floors we found one that had a door and went inside closing the door. Lux cleared the desk top with a couple sweeps of her good arm propping up her bag as a pillow and laid on the desk, I took my position as the human door stopper.

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