Reinventing The Wheel To Run Myself Over

Its 2020...5 years after the United States of America was bombed by a Nuclear warhead from where we don't know. America in total ruin, now run by anarcy. Plunged into darkness the lives you knew arent there. In a world where only teenagers survived the blast. Im a survior, either you will call me lucky or very Unlucky, I am Lux I'm 17 and I am dragged into the raging war between the North Deans Republic or the NDR and the Federation of Liberation or the FOL's power stuggle. I will make it out and I will come out on top.....


2. Waking up in Hell


I pulled my eyes open and felt a slight sting as the smoke and dust singed my eyes. I fluttered my eyes and rolled over with a groan.

"Good your awake, thought you died" The deep rough male voice rumbled from near me. I lolled my head to look at the man who saved me. I felt my heart jump and a blush form. His green eyes sparkled back me me with amusement, tan skin, and black hair that was flipped lazily and brushed his amazing eyes, high cheekbones and a sharp masuline jaw that was graced with a days stubble and a lip ring on his wide lips. Communicate Luxandrea! My mouth had run dry and I felt incapable of words.

"Well as cheery as that is, I'm alive so your stuck with me" I pushed myself off the brick wall I was leaned against. I brushed myself off and glanced at my male counterpart.

"Im Luxandrea, but everyone calls, er everyone called me Lux or Lights." I held out a hand to him, a smirk formed on his lips and he wiggled his lip ring and his eyes were filled with a joking light as they searched my own violet ones.

"I am, stuck with you, hope you can fight, I'm Logan, and you can call me Logan." Logan leaned against the wall still, his green eyes strayed slightly from my face, in an indercernable motion. He nodded toward the wall. Leaned near where I was, was my bag and two handguns. His sarcastic smile made me roll my eyes and want to stick my tounge out at him. Logan must have noticed this and chuckled under his breath. I carefully placed one gun inside my bag wrapped in a cheese cloth and another in the back of my jeans and after some rummaging I found my pocket knife that i placed inside the front pocket of my jeans, I looked up and saw Logan looking at me with mild intrest. I raised a brow and sent him a questioning look.

"We need to find out what happend" I pressed the topic lightly, I had an idea of what happened, I glanced around the remains of the alley between to barely standing buildings, the bricks were covered in ash and so was the ground. The trees outside were just like the leaves where blown off and the road had melted into a puddle of rock. Logan glanced out of the alley and sighed

"I have an idea on what happened....." He trailed off and stared at my feet. He muttered something along the lines of "We shouldv'e taken the threat more seriously". I looked at him, well geez that wasnt suspicious or anything. I looked at him carefully

"I think it was a Nuclear bomb meant to disable the US." He answered rather fast.

I couldnt have stopped the laugh if my life depened on it. I giggled until I felt tears. Logan looked angry and slightly upset. Wiping the tears from my eyes I opened my mouth to respond when a plane passed overhead. Logan who was standing near me grabbed me and pressed my back to the remainder of the wall and our chests crushed against each other. I wiggled as I tried to move.

"STOP!" hissed Logan in my ear, my protests died off as it began to 'rain' flyers.

"Are they gunna kill survivors..?" I asked nervously and my eyes widened when he nodded pressed a finger to his lips and used his body like a shield to block us from the planes view. Some time after the plane passed, Logan deemed it safe and moved.

"OXYGEN OH HOW I LOVE YOU!" I cried once he moved, rolling his eyes but grinning at my stupidity. Grabbing a flyer that had stuck to the wall I moved closer to Logan so we could read it.

'Warning to survivors, You have been bombed with a Nero-Nuclear bomb, and We are sending troops to build a capital and establish small colonies. Hail to the new age. All females have no rights all males will be either drafted into a military base or remain where they wish. Go to whatevers left of New York, we will be at the Harbor for a month, if you do not register, you will be against the new government and will be called an rebel and will be punished severly.'

I saw red

"I am a human being not a thing! You cannot just take someones rights away!" I clenched my teeth, pacing and throwing my hands around with every syllable. Logan watched me like I was some caged animal. He looked at the paper in my hands with a hint of anger and a small frown twisted on his face. I didnt notice the tears streaming down my face till I punched the wall. I felt overwhelmed so much has happened and I leaned my head against the chilled bricks. Logan just sighed and ripped something. I glanced back, he walked over with his hands up and grabbed my wrist, he wrapped my hands and occationally glanced at my face to see if I was in pain. I trained my face into a straight face to reveal nothing. I stared into Logans eyes, the green depths enchanted me. I just met him. Yet I felt closer to him then I should. I remember reading somewhere that survivors of a tragety can feel closer to eachother than anyone else. Yeah, keep telling yourself that Lux. It has nothing to do with how absouletly good looking he was. Distance, I chided myself distance. This was gunna be forever. I looked down at my hand glancing back at his face his green eyes danced in the low light. He smiled. That is called a bedroom smile that geez did I want to take a picture of. He watched my face as a miscievious light lit in his eyes. He pulled the bandage tighter and I winced and slammed foward into his arms.

"There you go nice and tight." He said restraining a laught that made his shoulders shake. I gave him a dirty look and rolled my eyes

"Yes I think its tight enough thanks!" I said and laced the thanks in sarcasm, not laced, dipped-deepfried and triple baked in sarcasm. I nursed my hand and swatted at his head. Ducking out of the way.

"We need to start walking for some building thats gunna cover our heads its gunna storm soon...." He looked at the sky that was still an ominous black. We shuffled along the melted road for miles and reached an office building half up. After walking up four floors we found one that had a door and went inside closing the door. I cleared the desk top with a couple sweeps of my arm propping my bag as a pillow I laid on the desk, Logan leaned against the door like a human door stopper. I felt sleep and the blackness of sleep touching me. I mumbled Good night and got a grunt. I briefly wondered what sleep and the morning would bring. I knew it wasnt fair I was asleep on the desk, and that I'd probably roll off. I got down and layed down on the floor by Logans feet. This is gunna be a long night.

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