Reinventing The Wheel To Run Myself Over

Its 2020...5 years after the United States of America was bombed by a Nuclear warhead from where we don't know. America in total ruin, now run by anarcy. Plunged into darkness the lives you knew arent there. In a world where only teenagers survived the blast. Im a survior, either you will call me lucky or very Unlucky, I am Lux I'm 17 and I am dragged into the raging war between the North Deans Republic or the NDR and the Federation of Liberation or the FOL's power stuggle. I will make it out and I will come out on top.....


1. The D-Day


 My overly obnoxious alarm clock went off earlier than usual, okay so not earlier just feels like it. I slapped blindly at my dresser to make the sound stop. I pulled the covers over my head and snuggled back down. The silence in my house was poingnet. Mom and Dad are working again, so Im alone. I did a mental happy dance. I yawned and rubbed my eyes. Ugh theres no going back to sleep now Lux I chided myself. I streched and pulled back the cover. The quick shock of cold are made me shiver through my thin tee and shorts. I padded down the stairs. Another day of being alone, I thought miserably. My parents were both scientist who studied Nuclear Radiation, Bombs and the effect years after a disaster. We moved to America when I was 10 I'm 17 now. We moved here from Chernoybl and well lets just say in a land were EVERYONE and I do mean everyone is short, with white blonde hair thats pin straight, has blue eyes and pale skin I stick out. My raven black waist length curly hair, slightly tan skin ( like a mocha-latte my best friend Reese describes it as) with freckles speckling my buttin nose, wide eyes that are a violet color and famed with black lashes, wide lips and rather short curvy figure made me a point of guys attention and the girls loved to pick on me. Now my best-friend Reese is completly opposite. She is blonde, tan, brown eyes and tall athletic figure, and well liked by girls. Shes like one of the bubbly cheerleaders from a distance but oh hell, she is so not like that. She was constently over, we had so many inside jokes its impossible to keep track of. I taught her 3 languages and I knew 8 she taught me math and I told her about the world. But back to the morning. I threw on clothes. I looked down at what I'd thrown on. Black skinnys, black knee high combat boots, a green tank top and a black moto jacket. Good enough I shrugged and yanked my bookbag off the floor it was residing on. Hearing a loud ear piercing Siren  made me jump. I suddenly reconized it...... A bomb threat, code Red. I ran down the stairs jumping to the landing. I skidded to a stop at the bottom. I prayed to God and thanked my parents for teaching me the safest places to go to. I ran into the kitchen as the shrill beeping got more frequent. I threw open the fridge door threw food and shelves out and whipped my bag inside I dove in a managed to close one door. But I was too late.


A stong sudden flash of light engolfed me, an then another. It had been so bright and sunny that morning but no more, it was suddenly dark and hazy and smoke choked me. I pulled my shirt over my nose and began to try to slow breathe. Dust was swirling through the air, the walls were leaning in and the roof was sagging. I instinctively knew to run, I pulled myself out of the fridge and ran. I began to look for places to escape. Rubble and fallen beams and sheet rock blocked what I knew was the door. I began to pull frantically at the rubble as white noise and ringing echoed in my ears. Finally a piece of sheetrock gave way and I climbed and tumbled out the door. I looked around the ringing stopped and I snapped at my ears..They were fine now. I ran my hands over my body, I pressed a hand onto my arm and tears welled up and white hot pain ran up my arm. I looked down my jacket was burnt through in several places and so were most of my clothes. I numbly acknowleged I had my backpack. I looked around in shock. The once white picket fence neighborhood was in ruins, homes on fire, bodies lay mangled everywhere like it rained people durning the night. I shakily ran over to a tree to support myself as I promptly emptied my stomach. The smell of gas, burning flesh and ash stung my nose. I felt a warm liquid drop on my face. I looked up at more and more hit my face, I looked at the limb and breifly screamed bloody murder. I stared into the blank face of my best friend Reese. Her pale face was burnt and charred she looked like two face only real. Her body was just hanging in the tree. Hair tumbling down and drenched in blood, face broken charred and missing and her neck, legs and arms lay at positions I didnt think possible. The hot tears streamed down my face and I began to scream and cry. I heard foot steps approaching me but didnt notice them. My best-friend was dead, I was still alive and I was covered in her blood, she probably heard the bell and was running to my house. Grief, guilt and loss over took my anger at whatever happened. The smoke smothering my house. I remember seening a pair of green eyes that belonged to a man about 6 foot, my tears blurred his face, then the tree branch broke and hit my head. A flash of pain then nothing.

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