This story is about a girl. Whose her mom dies and she has to try and go on in life by herself for the rest of high school an life. She is only 14 and has all this put on her the first day of high school. She was already really nervous and now? She's an orfane. Her dad left her when she was born so she's only had her mom. All cousins and uncles live in Italy. She don't know what to do till one day she gets taken!!!


1. The text message

"Your a trouble maker, you had me up again from the minuet you sat down"

I open my eyes to see that my super annoying phone to wake me me up to trouble maker by olly murs. 

No is it just me or does that dude sound like Adam Levine? No? Okay I didn't think so but I swear he does. 

Ughhhh I do not what to go to high school today. I miss middle school. I'm realllllyyyy not looking forward to today. And I know what your probley thinking. Ohhhhh you should be happy going to high school and blah blah blah but? I'm not I'm horrified after I heard what happend to this girl. 

I don't want to go into detail but it was not pretty. At all. 

"Honey," Thump thump "time for your first dayyyyy of highhhhh schhhooolll!!" My mom practically yells. Forcing me to cover my ears with my pillow at a attempt to block out her voice but I know that will never happen. 

There is one thing I'm looking forward to today is seeing my best friends Anna and Andi. Them two kids are pretty awesome. 

I lazily get up go into the bathroom and look in the mirror. God I look horrible why can't I be pretty like my best friends are they are like gorgeous. But eh they hang out with me for me not my looks. Thank. God. 

I wouldn't have any friends if they were just friends with my for my looks. I mean I attempt to look good like I got my hair lighten to a brownish color over the summer also got ombré done. And for those of you pinheads out there that don't know what it means. Look it up its not that difficult. 

I put on some tight ass skinny jeans with a black tanktop with a green see threw shirt. Hince I need the tanktop for or else the seniors would have a first impression on me and not a good one. I put my hair up in a messy bun and put some eyeliner on and mascarra. I mean I don't want to come out to strong like these other girls in my grade do. Now with that I'm ready to go downstairs well? I really don't want to be ready I wanna go back to sleep just like it was two days ago but I guess that's not going to happend for like one zillion years. 

"Good morning mother" I say it more meanly then I want to. 

"What did you do wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning I see." She says looking at me threw her glasses. 

"We'll yes and no. For one I do not want summer to end and for another reason I don't want to go to high school I'm scared." I said acting like a five year old. 

"Oh I'm sure you will be fine I was and look how I turned out" she stares and me and says "Don't answer that"

I giggle to myself a little. 

I feel something buzz in my hand. I look down to see a text message from unknown? 

Hey babe are you ready for your first day of high school? Love your unknown 

I look down at my phone weird and my mom catches on. 

"Whose that?"

"I have no clue" I say very truly. 

"Oh well they might just have the wrong number. Have a nice day at school honey."

And with that I'm out the door walking to my bus stop. The sun is still waking up to I see? Well this day sure is going to be interesting. 

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