This story is about a girl. Whose her mom dies and she has to try and go on in life by herself for the rest of high school an life. She is only 14 and has all this put on her the first day of high school. She was already really nervous and now? She's an orfane. Her dad left her when she was born so she's only had her mom. All cousins and uncles live in Italy. She don't know what to do till one day she gets taken!!!


3. The hospital

"Do you think she's dead?" I hear a low husky British voice say. 

"I don't know but may I ask how do you know her? Because it is my duty to make sure she is not going home with a complete stranger."
I hear someone say. 

I groan a bit. Then someone says "Is she awake?"

"I don't know. But if she is that's amazing."

I end up opening my eyes and I see this guy. That guy that was talking to me at school today. Wait school. I thought I was there. How'd I get here. What the heck!?!? Why can't I speak. I think the doctor saw me struggling and he said "Don't move sweetie there are tubes in you that we don't want out of place an mess up your breathing. You've been in a coma for 3 months. We didn't think you were going to make it," wait did he say we? "I'm also sorry for your loss." My loss what loss? I think he thinks I forget. He started to say something but then he stopped because he probley think I won't be able to handle it in the state I'm in. 
Then every thing flashes back.  Tears start forming in my eyes almost crying waterfalls. Then unknown man comes by. 
"Don't worry ill be here with you." He says really sexy. "They are going to get those tubes out for you soon maybe tomarrow or the next day."

   I don't know whither to be scarred or to be happy. I could have sworn I died. I saw my mom all dressed up. Like she was ready for a wedding and that was it. Then I woke up. 

"Hey, how you feeling?" British boy asks. 

"Good but my head hurts pretty bad" I say. 

"You might be realised today" 

"Really? It's only been a week since I woke up" I say confused. I thought that they would have kept me longer here. 
  "You also have to go home with someone. Do you want to go with me?" He asks with pleading eyes. 
"Tell me why Chloe"
"Because I don't want to intrude"
"Come with me"
I swear this boy...guy is so weird. 


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