Justin, Ryan and Chaz

Hannah just got to be Justin's back stage dancer and is new then she meets Justin falls for him and he falls for her read more too find out.


3. Your a flirt.

I woke up to my phone bussing on my stomach I picked it up and looked at it.

From: Justin(:

we have the day off do you want to come to the arena with me just to walk and look around?(;

i smiled 

To: Justin(: 


From: Justin(:

kay I will stop by your bus in 30 mins(;

To: Justin(: 


i jumped out of bed and put on this crop top shirt and some shorts with vans then I straightend my hair real quickly and I eat breakfast and then I heard a knock I walked up to the door and it was Justin.

Justin: you ready 

Hannah: yes 

i walked off and closed the door behind me then I walked right next to Justin

Justin: by the way you are looking gorgeous

Hannah: well you ain't looking so bad yourself

he smiled at me and I smiled back at him

Hannah: where exactly are we going

Justin: it's a surprise babe

i look at him and blushed a little bit

Justin: you look so cute when you blush

i think I turned even more red I smiled 

Hannah: thanks

Justin: your welcome boo.

Justin was leading the way so we where walking down this hallway and then up these long stairs and finally one more hall and I looked down and we were at the top of the arena and where the lights get put up I felt my stomach drop a little 

Justin: be carefull

Hannah: okay

we walked across the walkway of the lights were and Justin grabbed my hand at the end to help me 

Hannah: thanks

Justin: anything for you boo

i winked at him

once we walked of the edge there was this little room we walked inside 

Justin: here sit down 

he said patting the couch with a empty spot next to him I walked over and say down 

Justin: this is where I come when I just want tot honk some things off and be alone 

Hannah: it's a pretty cool place 

Justin: Hannah we have to be super careful because if scooter knew I was up here omgosh. You have no idea of how much trouble I would be in k not suppose to do anything dangerous at all and this is kinda dangerous and we can't be sen by the people setting up the lights 

Hannah: alright I got you

Justin: we should probley go because I  want you to come on my bus with me 

Hannah: okay 

we got up and walked out of the room and someone saw me and Justin he grabbed my hand and took of running someone Ed yelling Justin's name and chasing after us then finally we ran around the corner to outside the arena  we stopped and took deep breaths and just say there then we felt something drizzling over our heads it was raining the Justin jumped in a big puddle and splat water all around me I  ran after him and said payback and I caught water in my hand and threw it in his face then he started running after me and swung me around by my waist laughing then smiled

Hannah: I think it's time to go get on some fresh clothes on cause we are soaking wet

Justin: I agree 

we smiled and started waking torwards Justin's tour bus 

*** hey guys it will get more interesting next chapter it's i am super busy and also longer chapters are starting Tuesday of this week so keep reading love you lovies(;;***

And I am so sorry for all the spelling errors it will get better tomorrow cause I was in a rush for this chapter so it's not the best you guys will love the next chapter but anyways bye<333

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