Justin, Ryan and Chaz

Hannah just got to be Justin's back stage dancer and is new then she meets Justin falls for him and he falls for her read more too find out.


6. Telling people.

I stood up in the bed

Justin: good morning beautiful

Hannah: good morning 

Justin: did you sleep well?

Hannah: yes very we'll

Justin: good I did too because I was with you

Hannah: awe 

Justin laughed and kissed my cheek 

Hannah: um Justin I got a question

Justin: yes what is that 

Hannah: well how are you gonna tell everyone and are we gonna keep it down low from the paps?

Justin: well if course I gonna tell everyone on your because they need to know your mine now and about the paparazzi um do you wanna keep it on the down low?

Hannah: well yeah kinda because your beliebers will get mad some of them and also I kinda like are relationship better with not all the paparazzi stalking us

Justin: yeah me too and Hannah I'm pretty sure my beliebers will support me there they're for everything I mean beliebers won't leave me if we're dating but fans will

Hannah: I know but I hate lieing to the beliebers 

Justin: we won't will give them like a sign of us dating

Hannah: okay good cause I love the beliebers

Justin looked at me and smiled

Justin: you are too cute

Hannah: haha thanks Justin

Justin: your welcome baby anytime 

i laughed at him and kissed him on the cheek and smiled

Hannah: well I think I'm gonna go get a shower

Justin: alright babe I will be out here getting ready

Hannah: okay

I grabbed some of my clothes that he just gave me to wear and went in the bath room I turned the water on and got into the shower I was washing my hair with my eyes closed cause you know I don't wanna get it in my eyes then when I opened them Justin was kissing threw the door he was smashing his lips on the see three window and was making me laugh then I leaned down and kissed the door and he laughed I smiled.

Hannah: Justin get out of here I need to hurry up and get dressed

Justin: what's the rush we have the day off

Hannah: I know but still I will be out in like 5 minutes please

Justin: ugh okay but I wanted to stay he said with a pouty face 

Hannah: I know and I will see you when I get out

Justin: fine

Justin walked out and I  was just finishing washing my body and I washed the soap off and got out I changed into his basket ball shorts and a baggy t- shirt and brushed my hair and walked out of the bathroom into the room

Justin: aww my baby looks so cute with my basket ball shorts on 

i laughed at him 

Justin: hey baby can we start off from where it was in the bathroom with out the shower door 

Hannah: hahah yes

I ran up to Justin and jumped into his arms and wrapped my legs around him and wrapped my hand around his neck and kissed him on the lips very passionately and he smiled threw the kiss

Hannah: is that what you were asking for?

Justin: omgosh yes your kisses make me go crazy like I want another and another and another 

I leaned closer to his face and pecked his lips 3 times and laughed 

Justin: your such a teaser

Hannah: lol and your not

Justin: haha true

Hannah: yeah that's what I thought and btw the way those were your last kisses 

Justin: um no it's not 

Hannah: yep for the right of the night I smiled

Justin: baby noooo bad enough you already teased me 

Hannah: sorry I laughed

Justin: I can tell your joking

Hannah: I really cause I'm not

Justin walked up to me and grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him then he gently grabbed my face and slowing started to almost kiss me untill I yanked my head and turned and he kissed the side of my lips 


Hannah: nah you will be good I winked

Justin: you know what come here

Justin started running towards me and I ran away from him on the bus I ran into the kitchen and no one was on thee bus but it is hard to run away from Justin on a bus cause he is a fast runner and I knew he was gonna catch me then I ran around the table and I didn't see him and I turned around for a split second and I felt someone grab my waist and carry me into the bedroom of course it was Justin.


  Justin: nope not untill you kiss me 

Hannah: nope I'm not gonna kiss you

Justin: well than your not getting down 

Hannah: omgosh okay put me down and I will kiss you

Justin sat me down I laughed and turned around and grabbed Justin's face and pressed against kiss lips gently and he smiled threw the kiss.

Justin: see I always win

Hannah: no you don't the reason you won was because you wouldn't set me down

Justin: mhm sure 

Hannah: o I am sure 

Justin: hahah I love you 

Hannah: lol I love you too Justin

Justin grabbed me and he leaned down and kissed me for a very long moments 

Hannah: and you call my kissed addicting 

Justin laughed 

Justin: well they are I don't know what I would do if I couldn't kiss you 

Hannah: they aren't that good

Justin: I don't know what your talking about your kisses are the best and I'm not lying 

Hannah: o whatever 

He pulled me onto the bed and started tickling me 

Hannah: JUSTIN PLEASE STOP I CAN'T BREATH I said laughing 

He stooped and then I pushed him on his back and straddled him and I traced his abs with my finger and then I lauded my head on his chest 

Justin: she you are a teaser you can't just do that

Hannah: um actually I can and  that wasn't even to be teasing I was just straddling you and tracing your abs 

Justin: um do you know how extremely sexy that is and yes it actually do turn me on

Hannah: o sorry I didn't mean to tease you 

Justin: it's alright babe 

I laid right next to him and  hid my face with a pillow then Justin took it and flew it to the other side of the room

Hannah: uh what was that for

Justin: um I don't want to see a pillow I want to see your beautiful face 

i smiled and he pushed my face closer to his we were really close his lips were almost touching mine and are heads were almost touch and he smiled and leaned in slowing and kissed me slowly and I smiled threw the kiss.

Justin: you don't know how glad I am to have you as my girlfriend if you would have said no I would have litterly cry and quit the concert

Hannah: no you would not quit the concert I would have felt bad cause it would be all my fault 

Justin: no it wouldn't be and yes I would to go and find you and to get you back

Hannah: Justin please don't ever quit the tour if we breakup

Justin: but your not gonna leave me right 

Hannah: right but if one day and we do don't cancel the tour

Justin: um I can't promise that 

Hannah: okay well just try not to 

Justin: I will but deep down inside Justin knew he would cancel the tour for her

Hannah smiled 

Justin: I love you so much

Hannah: I love you way more

Justin: not possible

Hannah: yes it is 

Justin: not it isn't 

Hannah: okay Justin I'm not gonna agrue with you about who loves who more I laughed

Justin: told you I will always win

Hannah: Justin just shut up I smiled 

Justin: give me a kiss and I will 

Hannah: of that will shut you up then okay

i leaned in and pressed my lips against him but this time he slipped his tongue into my mouth and I smiled.

*** I hope you guys like it sorry I didn't post untill today but keep reading okay bye loviesss(; ***



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