Justin, Ryan and Chaz

Hannah just got to be Justin's back stage dancer and is new then she meets Justin falls for him and he falls for her read more too find out.


11. No

Hannah's pov

I woke up my phone bussing on my chest I looked up and it was from Justin.

From: Justin(:

There were 30 more text messages and 30 missed calls
I just ignored them because I couldn't talk to him I messed up their friendship after like 3 minutes Haley walked in.

Haley: Hannah come on we have dance rehearsal?

Hannah: o yeah I totally forgot okay let me get changed.

Haley: okay.

I hurried up and put on some sweats and a crop top I grabbed my phone and walked out with Haley.

Haley: are you okay?

Hannah: no but I will tell you later.

Haley: Hannah just don't worry about it.

Hannah: I will try not to.

Haley hugged me and walked with me over to the lounge and we sat down and waited for Tyler, Allie and Thomas while we were waiting I needed to go to my dressing room to get a few things I went in my dressing room and grabbed my stuff and when I was walking out I totally forgot that Justin's was right next to me so when I was walking out I looked over and saw Justin standing there.

Justin: Hannah?

Justin ran to me and I just ran other way and I walked into the lounge and sat next to Haley and Thomas Justin was just about to walk into the lounge until Haley said we need to go on stage I ran right by him and went on stage.

3 hours later

Haley: that was a good rehearsal .

Hannah: I know.

As we were walking out Justin was singing and he looked over at me like he wanted to stop singing and run up to me but he couldn't I walked out and went back to my tour bus.

*hey loves sorry for the short chapter but I will do more tomorrow love y'all(:





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