Justin, Ryan and Chaz

Hannah just got to be Justin's back stage dancer and is new then she meets Justin falls for him and he falls for her read more too find out.


4. Meet my friends Chaz and Ryan.

Justin and I were walking back to his tour bus and I thought of something?

Hannah: Justin if we're going to your tour bus then how am I gonna get new clothes?

Justin: Hannah don't worry I got some clothes you can borrow.

Hannah: Justin are you sure you don't care

Justin: Hannah I'm sure I actually want you to wear my clothes.

I blushed a little we were opening the door Justin let me go first and then he came in behind I looked up and I saw two guys starring at me I thought to myself that they looked familiar and I realized that they were hanging out with Justin the other day and one of them is Chaz and the other is Ryan but Haley just told me there names and I saw them running around but I didn't ever get to meet them.

Justin: hey guys I want you to meet Hannah the new back stage dancer 

Chaz: nice to meet you gorgeous (; im Chaz 

Hannah: nice to meet you too Chaz I said in a smile

Ryan: nice to meet you beautiful(: I'm Ryan

Hannah: nice to meet you too Ryan I said in a laugh

Justin shot them a look as if they did something wrong

Justin: Hannah lets go back to my room and get you something to wear

Hannah: okay

Justin and I walked to the back to his room and he closed the door and went by his drawers and pulled out a Sweatshirt and some sweatpants he handed them to me.

Justin: Hannah you can change in Thai bathroom in my room and I will change in the bedroom cause it will only take me a minute 

Hannah: okay thanks

Justin: your welcome(; 

i walked into the bathroom changed into his clothes and I walked out and be was finished dressing to he smiled at me

Hannah: what Justin?

Justin: o nothing it's just you look so damn hot in my clothes 

i blushed really hard 

Hannah: thanks pretty boy(; 

we walked out in the living area and Chaz and Ryan's mouth dropped I looked around to see what they were dropping there mouth about I just forgot about it.

Justin: here let's sit on the couch

Hannah: okay

Justin sat down and I sat right next to him but there was a space between me and him 

Justin: um sorry Hannah but I don't like spaces and he scooted torwards me more and now there was no space he was very close then he put his arm around me I smiled

Hannah: smooth move there Justin

Justin: I know you got to do it like a pro

i laughed at him then smiled then Chaz and Ryan gave him some evil stare justin looked at them confused and looked right back into my eyes.

Justin: did you know that you are so beautiful?

Hannah: no I am not that pretty right now I have no makeup on

Justin: you are absolutely gorgeous right now with or without makeup

i smiled and blushed a little more Justin said the sweetest things on earth then as I was thinking that Justin grabbed my hand and intertwined them with his fingers I was shocked and I smiled so big and looked up at his brown eyes.

Justin: hey Hannah I was wondering if you wanted to stay over here a little longer and watch a scary movie with me Chaz and Ryan?

Hannah: yeah sure but I have to admit that I get really scared easily 

Justin: don't worry you have me *wink*wink*

i laughed and there goes that stare at Justin that Ryan and Chaz were making Justin shrugged it off and I was confused and once again didn't think about it again.

Justin: which movie do you want to watch bloody man or holloween?

Hannah: um I don't really care they both seem scary and Chaz and Ryan can pick

Chaz: bloody man

Ryan: yea bloody man

Justin: bloody man it is 

Justin put the movie in and pressed play and this scary music cam on and you could tell I was already scared then when just turned around he grabbed a blanket and sat right next to me then out of nowhere this scary guy on the movie popped out and I screamed and jumped Justin laughed and grabbed me by my waist and cuddled me I started to feel me blush redder than anytime I have blushed but greatly the lights were off then I layer my head down on Justin's shoulder and he just wrapped his arms around my waist and I felt so much better now. 

Justin: (whispering voice) Hannah your such a different kinda girl

Hannah: what do you mean different kinda girl

Justin: I mean like good like different from all the stuck up kinda crazy girls your different and I like that about you and you like me for me not for the superstar named Justin Bieber(:

Hannah: oh well I thanks I guess(;

The movie need right when I said that and I stood up and Justin turned on the lights

Hannah: I think it's time for me to head back to my bus

Justin: yes it probably is but I really wish you could stay with me longer today was so much fun you don't even know.

Hannah: I know I wish I could too but we have to get to work tomorrow and thanks for everything today Justin it was so much fun

Justin: your welcome sweetheart  

Right after Justin said that he leaned in and kissed my cheek and I looked at him and smiled and I looked at him in the eyes I blushed

Hannah: bye Justin(;

Justin: bye love(: 

*** hey guys I hope you like it the next chapter will be so good and I made this chapter longer like I said I would and just wait you guys will love the next chapter but anyways thank you guys keep commenting and just thank you bye(;;;***

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