Justin, Ryan and Chaz

Hannah just got to be Justin's back stage dancer and is new then she meets Justin falls for him and he falls for her read more too find out.


5. I think I am falling for you.

I woke up to Haley waking me up.

Haley: Hannah get ready we're gonna be late for rehearsals!

Hannah: oh snap okay I'm up

i threw on a purple crop top and some black leggings and some flip flops cause I would prolly take off my shoes and then I went in the bathroom and threw up my hair in a cute messy bun and I didn't put any makeup on cause we were about to be late then I ran out the door with Haley

Haley: so why did you come to the bus so late last night

Hannah: ummmm

Haley: come on Hannah I will make you tell me

Hannah: fine Justin asked me to come with him to the arena and then we watched a movie 

Haley: omgosh jsjsjsjaklaoakqnsnhajekekeudie

Hannah: um what was that all for

Haley: it's just y'all would be so cute together

I smiled at her and then we walked in the arena doors and Tyler, Allie and Thomas were there we walked towards them

Hannah: hey guys

Tyler&Allie&thomas: hey 

we sat there and talked all of us untill someone caught my eye 

Justin: hello beautiful 

Hannah: hi Justin

Justin: you look so gorgeous even with no makeup on 

I blushed really bad 

Hannah: well thank you 

Justin: your welcome sweetie 

i smiled and then I heard my name being called by Haley so I starting walking to Haley 

Haley: let's start rehearsing

Hannah: okay

3 hours later...

Haley and I went over to get some water in the lounge area because we were so thirsty from all that rehearsing we just did I saw Justin walking to me

Justin: you did so good today you can really work it

i laughed and smiled 

Hannah: thanks 

Justin: and btw your ass looks good in them leggings 

i slapped his arm and blushed really big 

Hannah: thanks *wink*wink

Justin: your welcome sweetness and Hannah after your done talking to Haley I need to talk with you for a little while at my bus 

Hannah: okay that's fine let me just tell her

i walked back over to Haley 

Hannah: hey I'm going to Justin's bus he has to talk to me

Haley: okay have fun

Hannah: okay thanks

i walked back over to Justin and we started walking back to his bus when we got there he took me to the back of his bed room and sat on the bed and I did to

Justin: so the reason we i brought you here is so I could talk to you and I know I have only know you for a couple of weeks but I am starting to fall for you. 

I smiled 

Hannah: I'm  starting to fall for you to

justin smiled big

Justin: I really like you Hannah I think your the sweetest and most gorgeous girl I have ever seen and I know I have only knew u for a couple weeks but I really like you a lot and I can't take it anymore I want you to be mine so I was wondering if you will be my girlfriend

Hannah: awe absolutely Justin 

he smiled and leaned in and kissed my cheek 

Justin: I'm so glad your my girl know cause know I get to call you mine

Hannah: me too 

Justin: did you know that your beautiful

Hannah: did you know that your the sweetest thing  ever

we both laughed he grabbed my hand and kissed it I just smiled at him 

Justin: do you just want to stay the night over here tonight

Hannah: sure but I don't have any clothes with me 

Justin: boo I have stuff you can wear 

Hannah: okay 

he walked to the corner of his bedroom and gave me a sweatshirt and sweatpants 

Hannah: where is the bathroom 

Justin: right around the corner

Hannah: alright I'm gonna go change

Justin: alright 

i put on the sweatshirt and the sweatpants and I walked out and put my clothes on the dresser and then I looked at Justin and he was Justin staring at me 

Hannah: what

Justin: nothing you just look so good in my clothes 

Hannah: o lol

Justin: come here for a minute

i walked to Justin and he pulled me close to him and laid my on the bed right next to him 

Justin: I wanna cuddle

Hannah: I want to too

he grabbed my waist and wrapped his arms around my waist and whispered in my ear

Justin: I really am falling for you 

Hannah: I am too 

he smiled and kissed my neck 

Justin: goodnight beautiful

Hannah: goodnight boo

*** hey sorry I didn't post this Friday I just was kinda busy but I hope you like this chapter how do you feel about Hannah and Justin well bye guys(:***

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