Justin, Ryan and Chaz

Hannah just got to be Justin's back stage dancer and is new then she meets Justin falls for him and he falls for her read more too find out.


9. I love you

Justins pov

I looked up at Hannah and grabbed her waist.

Justin: come here baby.

She walked up to me and I pulled her close to me and pulled her into a hug and dragged her to the back room.

Justin: we have five hours I want to cuddle with my baby.

Hannah: me too.

I grabbed her and laid her on top of me she laid her head on my chest and I loved when she did this I never wanted her to leave my arms.

Justin: baby.

Hannah: yes.

Justin: don't ever leave me.

Hannah: Justin I won't get that threw your head I love you and I won't leave you unless you give me a reason.

Justin: well there won't be any reasons to.

Hannah: I know I'm just saying.

Justin: I love you.

Hannah: I love you too Justin.

I grabbed her chin and gently kissed her on the lips she smiled threw the kiss.

Hannah: I'm gonna go get a shower.

Justin: I wanna come.

Hannah: Justin I would be jerry get's a little to excited.

Justin: well you tease me and I won't do anything.

Hannah: oh alright.


Hannahs pov

I took of my clothes and turned on the water.

Justin: damn that body.

Hannah: Justin my body your body.

Justin: no your body uh gives me the chills and gets someone excited.

Hannah: lol and who jerry.

Justin: you know it.

I got in the shower and Justin was still taking off his clothes and I was washing my hair then I heard a door close and I knew it had to be Justin so I washed my hair and looked at Justin he grabbed me and kissed me for the longest moments then Justin started to suck on my neck I couldn't handle it so I let out a few moans and then Justin pushed my against the glass and started sucking harder on my neck I remembered that Scooter could come on the bus anytime so I didn't want to him to hear us that would be kinda awkward so I stopped Justin and he looked confused.

Justin: why did you stop baby.

Hannah: because remembered that Scooter can come into the bus anytime he wants too and that would be awkward if he heard us.

Justin: true but I can't control myself like I don't know what I'm gonna do I want you so bad right now.

Hannah well you gonna have to wait later babe,

Justin gave me the sad face,

Justin: but baby,

Hannah: Justin no.

Justin: ugh.

Hannah: sorry baby I would but ya know.

Justin: just give me a kiss right now.

I walked up to him and have him the biggest kiss.

Justin: you should kiss me more.

* hey loves I'm been super busy like omgosh and I hope you like it I have a dance tomorrow so I will update after it so love y'all. <3 





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