Justin, Ryan and Chaz

Hannah just got to be Justin's back stage dancer and is new then she meets Justin falls for him and he falls for her read more too find out.


15. Dress shopping :)

Pattie: ready to go shopping?

Hannah: yes ma'am 

Pattie: I hope you know Justin isn't gonna let you be there by your self he is gonna show up.

Hannah: yeah that's what I figured.

Pattie: yeah he is a bit worried about you.

Hannah: yeah but he has always been that way.

Pattie: oh yeah I know.

We got out of the car and walked into the mall we put our hoodies on so we don't get noticed and we walked into this dress store.

Hannah: my oh my

Pattie: I know there all beautiful aren't they

Hannah: yes I don't even know where to start.

Pattie: well I will help you love lets look

Hannah: okay

We walked all over the store and my eye got caught on this one dress it was a short lace dress and it fit your body and it was just so cute

Hannah: Pattie come look over here I think I found one 

Pattie: omgosh go try it on

I went in the dressing room and tried it on I looked in the mirror and I knew it was the dress it was so cute on me then I walked out to show Pattie 

Pattie: you look so beautiful you have to get this dress

Hannah: okay I will 

We paid for the dress and then we wanted to get some lunch we walked out of the dress store and noticed someone it was Justin of course so we ran up stairs and hid inside of this store but Justin saw us so then I didn't know what to do because this is only a Pattie and me day so I screamed omgosh that's Justin Bieber then we ran downstairs and ran to our car I kinda felt bad saying that and making tons of beliebers crowd around him. But it was our day to shop and he shouldn't have been there.

Hannah: Pattie do you think that is wrong? 

Pattie: sweetie no because beliebers would have found him anyway and we told Justin not to come.

Hannah: yeah true I was just wondering.

We pulled up at Justin's tour bus and I got my dress and set it in his closet.

Pattie: sweetie you can go rest cause I know it has been a very long day.

Hannah: yes it has and thank you for everything today.

Pattie: your welcome sweetheart.

I hugged Pattie and walked into Justin's room and got some sweats and his T- shirt I could smell him then I wanted to know where he was I look at my phone and I had 30 missed calls and texts the first thing I thought of is before I lefted the house I told Justin that I would call and text him back so he was prolly mad at me I called him back and he answered.


Instantly I started tearing up I hung up and just got in bed and fell asleep in bed.

3 hours later.

I woke up to yelling but they couldn't see me I just acted like I was asleep and listened.


Justin: mom I didn't mean too but I was just worried she didn't answer my calls or texts. 

Pattie: I know but you can't do that stuff.

Justin: I know and I regret doing it all I could hear on the phone was her starting to tear up and then she hung up.

Pattie: sweetie I understand you didn't mean it but she is a girl and her feelings are very fragile.

Justin: I know when I walked into the room her cheeks where stained from crying her self to sleep I was just worried about her.

Pattie: I know you we're sweetie you just need to talk to her.

Justin: okay I will when she wakes up I'm gonna go cuddle with her.

I heard footsteps walking over to the bed so I closed my eyes Justin got into the bed and wrapped his arm around me and grabbed me closer his body was so warm I felt so happy he was next to me but then I was kinda hurt a little because how he yelled at me but I turned around at his face and he was tearing up a little bit but his eyes were closed so he could see me looking at him.

Hannah: baby?

Justin opened his eyes really fast.

Justin: omgosh baby I am so sorry for everything I was just worried about you and I wanted to make sure everything was okay and I guess I yelled but I didn't mean to my heart was broke when I heard you crying and then when I walked in here and your cheeks were stained of tears it just broke my heart i'm really sorry baby I love you.

Hannah: baby it's okay i'm not mad at all and I kinda forgot about what you said before I lefted the house and I should have called you and told you everything was alright and I am really sorry about that and my phone was on silent so I didn't hear you calling but I love you too baby.

Justin grabbed my chin and kissed me gently.

Justin: I love you so much.

Hannah: I love you too.

Justin grabbed me and put me on top of him and I straddled him and was tracing my finger up and down his abs.

Justin: I can't wait till tomorrow baby.

Hannah: me ethier.

* omgosh i'm so sorry for not posting for awhile but I had to go out of town and it wouldn't let me post anything and it was making me mad! But here it is and I made a new movella so you should go check it out and also I will be posting another chapter tomorrow or tonight it depends but bye loves. :)








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