Justin, Ryan and Chaz

Hannah just got to be Justin's back stage dancer and is new then she meets Justin falls for him and he falls for her read more too find out.


7. Are you dating Justin Bieber

Justin: Babyyyyyy... Babyyy.... Babyyyy... 

I opened my eyes barley and Justin kissed me on my lips.

Justin: Well good morning sweetie.

Hannah: Good morning baby.

Justin: Sorry I had to wake you up we have rehearsal in an hour and I wanted to have time to cuddle with you.

Hannah: Its fine I wanted to spend time with you too.

Justin grabbed the side of my face and gently kissed my lips.

Hannah: I think I'm going to go get some clothes from my bus.

Justin: No babeee... you can have some of my clothes your not leaving me.

Hannah: Okay that's fine.

Justin smiled and went in his drawers and pulled out some of his sweats and a long sleeve shirt Justin walked back up to me.

Justin: Here you go baby.

Hannah: Thank you 

I didn't feel like Changing in the bathroom so i just was gonna change in the bedroom I mean me and Justin were a couple and all i had on was bra and panties so it didn't really matter anyways I took off my clothes and changed and when I looked up Justin was just staring at me.

Hannah: What are you staring at.

Justin: Your body like damn you have a sexy body.

Hannah: Hahahah thanks trust me your body is perf to.

Justin: lol.

Hannah: Well what do you want to do.

Justin: Kiss you all day.

Hannah: Sorry love but that can't happen i gotta breath and we got rehearsal.

Justin: I would let you breath and we can skip rehearsal.

Hannah: Justin I am not doing that scooter would get so mad at me and you.

Justin: So.

Hannah: Justin no.

Justin: Fine well than will you give me a kiss right now.

Hannah: Nope.

Justin: please babeeeeeeeee... 

Hannah: Nope.

Justin: babeeeee just one.

Hannah: Nope.

Justin: Fine then I will tickle you Until you give me one.

Justin carried me to the bed and set me down and started tickling me.

Hannah: Justin stop... 

Justin: Not until you give me a kiss.

He started tickling me harder I laughed so hard.

Hannah: Okay Justin I will give you a kiss...

He stopped and laid on top of me...

Justin: I'm ready.

I grabbed the side of his head and pulled him closer and gently kissed his lips for very long moments...

Justin: I love your kisses.

Hannah: lol

Justin: We have 5 minutes until rehearsal starts...

Hannah: Well than we better get going.

Justin: Okay baby...

We started walking Into the arena together but we didn't hold hands even if Justin didn't care what anyone thought I told him we could do that when we announced that we were dating but I didn't want Haley to get mad at me for not telling her and I didn't want scooter to get mad at Justin... 

Haley: Hey girl i've missed you, u need to come and spend some time with your bestfriend.

Hannah: Hey and I know and I have got to tell you Something important.

I pulled her and Justin to the Side

Hannah: So um Haley me and Justin are dating...


Hannah: Haley calm down Your making every one look...

Haley: O sorry yall are so cute.

Hannah: Just don't tell Everyone yet okay Where gonna tell them later.

Haley: Okay I got you girl.

I smiled and looked at Justin he looked so happy that Haley was happy that we were dating.

5 hours later.....

Haley: you are so good

Hannah: aw thanks and you are really good too.

Haley: aw thanks

We walked to the section where water and snacks were cause Haley and I were really thirsty cause we just rehearsed for about 5 hours so right when I got my water I felt arms wrap around my waist I looked behind me and of course it was Justin I smiled.

Justin: hey babe

Hannah: hey baby

Justin: so I was wondering if we should tell everybody tonight if you want?

Hannah: if you want

Justin: baby I was asking you

Hannah: yes

Justin: okay well let me go get everyone

Hannah: okay baby

Justin went some where to find Pattie, Scooter, and everyone else that was on the tour then he tugged me into this room where everyone looked blank and wondered why they all were in there.

Justin: guys I want to tell you something really important

Scooter&Pattie: well go ahead

Justin: okay so Hannah and I our dating we have been for a few weeks but the only reason we didn't tell you right off the bat was because we where waiting for the perfect time to tell you

I looked up and Pattie looked happy but Scooter looked happy but kind of irratated

Scooter: Justin can we talk outside

Justin: sure

* sorry guys that I haven"t updated sooner but if you comment i will update and sorry for the shorrt chapter but tell me what you think about it kay bye loves.   










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