Justin, Ryan and Chaz

Hannah just got to be Justin's back stage dancer and is new then she meets Justin falls for him and he falls for her read more too find out.


14. A day with your mom

I woke up to Pattie touching my arm.

Pattie: Hannah get up sweetie it's time to start getting ready to go shopping.

Hannah: oh yeah Kay I will be ready in 11 .

Pattie: alright sweetheart I will be in the car.

I gently tried to get out of the bed and I was just at the edge of the bed about to stand up until I felt someone's arms around my waist.

Justin: babe where do you think your going.

Hannah: Justin just go back to sleep remember I am going shopping with your mom.

Justin: babe can I please go with you.

Hannah: Justin no it is just gonna be me and your mom.

Justin: ugh whatever be careful baby.

Hannah: Justin I will be with your mom don't worry.

Justin: I love you.

Hannah: I love you too Justin.

Justin grabbed me and pulled me back into the bed with him and laid my head right on his chest then he kissed the top of my head.

Justin: I don't like you being by yourself.

Hannah: Justin I will be fine I'm gonna be with your mom.

Justin: I know but I never feel that your safe unless your with me.

Hannah: Justin if it makes you feel better you can let the security come with us.

Justin: thank you I would feel   Would feel 10 times better.

Hannah: okay well I have to start getting ready so I will be in the shower.

Justin: okay babe.

I walked to the shower and started the water I walked into the shower and started washing my hair until I heard something I opened my eyes and saw Justin sitting there with the saddest face ever I opened up the door.

Hannah: Justin what is the matter.

Justin: I don't want you to go.

Hannah: why Justin.

Justin: because I feel like someone gonna take you away from me.

Hannah: Justin nobody is gonna take you away from me.

Justin: yeah I know I just feel like they will try.

Hannah: babe no they won't I love you and only you.

Justin leaned in and kissed me I smiled threw out the kiss.

Justin: you better make sure you call me and text me.

Hannah: I will trust me okay.

Justin: I trust you but sometimes you don't like texting me back and it worries me.

Hannah: I will call and text you okay.

Justin: okay.

I finished washing my hair and stuff and got out of the shower and walked out and changed into my shorts and a tank top that showed my back and some sandals and did some makeup but not much then I walked out and kissed Justin on the lips and told him I love him and then walked out to get in the car with Pattie.

Hey loves sorry I haven't up dated I was really busy but I will do another chapter tonight okay well bye loves :)





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