Dark Days

Newly turned and on the hunt, I vowed to kill the vampire who did this to me. I know his face, but not his name. He watches me hiding in the dark. It's difficult to get around during daylight as the sunlight burns my skin. The only way I can is to stay in the shadows. My name is Alistair, I am a vampire - and hunter.


3. Investigate

I turned up at the door, right on time where the man expected me. As he welcomed me inside their home, I took a look around.

Everything was well placed, antiques and all. And from what I could tell from the paintings and artefacts, they have a lot of worth.

"Please, have a seat." The man gestured to the chair where I stood. He sat on the opposite side where a coffee table stood between us.

He poured a cup of tea for himself, and went to pour another as he asked, "Would you like some tea?"

I could smell the sweet scent of it from here, but no... I can't drink... other than blood.  Sometimes I wish I could taste food too, for once.

My fist clenched on my lap thinking about it, "No thank you."

As I waited for him to start,  the man sat back with his cup of tea and saucer, taking every sip. He placed them back down onto the tray and leaned forward to discuss his business with me. It's about time.

His palms sweated; he doesn't look so good. By the paleness of his face, I can see he's ill. He rubbed his forehead breathing slowly, "Please, I'm worried about her. I'm worried about my daughter."

His eyes almost filled with tears. I looked down forgetting how emotional humans can be. I don't remember the last time I cried.

I looked back up at him and said, "I'll keep a distance, see who it is following her at night. And don't worry, she'll be fine." He breathed in with relief, "Thank you."

"Will you start tonight?" He suddenly asked. I got up and said, "Sure. Where is she right now?" His hands shook, "Out with friends. She's supposed to be coming home around about now."

I looked down at him. He's looking more anxious and ill. I asked again, "Out where?" He replied, "This nightclub called; After Dark."

Before leaving, I turned to him and said, "You should rest. I'll take care of everything. Trust me." He agreed with a nod, "Yes."

Taking a step outside, I dashed away. After Dark is not a safe club. Trust me, I know. After I arrived, I looked around past the doors.

Searching for her around the club, I walked by the crowd. Few women were looking my way with their flirty eyes. But I didn't care. I have to find her. She's more important right now.

Reaching toward the bar where I saw her, I felt a tap on the shoulder. A woman twirled her hair, "You're new here aren't you?" I looked down at her and said, "No."

She continued to talk as I watched the girl at the bar. I didn't listen to a word she said, up until she repeated, "Hello?"

I sighed and looked to her, "Sorry, not interested." She stopped smiling and twirling her hair from rejection.

I sat in the last seat from her. Seeing her staring down at the glass in front of her, I can see it's just coke with ice.

Her friends were sitting beside her to the right. The bartender asked if I want anything and put up my hand slightly and said, "No thank you." She nodded, "All right, let me know when you change your mind."

A young man who looks about twenty, was sitting a little further from her. He's been staring in her direction the entire time. 

She got up to go to the toilet. And he got up too. Now's my chance to move.

I followed and snuck around to hide. After she went in, he looked around for anyone watching, and then went in too.

I hurried to the door, and by then she screamed. I kicked it open and walked in. He held her in his arm around her with a knife to her throat.

He saw me and held her closer, "Step back, or she'll die!" I stood still as I felt him.

He wasn't a vampire. He was human. A scared human. I sense he's freaked out about something.

Her eyes were filled with tears begging me to help her. I asked him slowly, "Look, I know you're scared. But holding her as hostage is not going to help you. Would you please, put the knife down?" He refused holding it on her neck, "No!"

She whimpered a little squeezing her eyes shut. I stepped closer. He held the knife more to her neck, "Stay back, I will do it!"

I looked into his eyes and said, "No you won't. Put the knife down, and let the girl go." My eyes glowed slightly. He released his arm from around her and dropped it.

She ran from him to me and said, "Thank you." And then left out the door. I looked back at him into his eyes and said, "You will leave and forget this ever happened." He nodded, and then left.

Seeing the girl with her friends, they hugged her seeing she was scared in tears. And as I walked by, they looked to me after she explained to them I saved her life.

This young man wasn't the problem. Someone else is following her at night. And I know it wasn't him. I can feel the presence outside the club. Someone's out there waiting.


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