Dark Days

Newly turned and on the hunt, I vowed to kill the vampire who did this to me. I know his face, but not his name. He watches me hiding in the dark. It's difficult to get around during daylight as the sunlight burns my skin. The only way I can is to stay in the shadows. My name is Alistair, I am a vampire - and hunter.


1. Intro

No vampire can burst into flames like the ones you see in movies. It just appears like we've stayed in the sun too long.

Yes, it does burn like fire, and we do smoke up if we stay out for about an hour. Every vampire works at night, and no one finds it at all suspicious.

You think they're just normal people. Some might be, but you have to be careful, especially walking out alone.

I was attacked by a stranger in the dark when I was walking down the street one night. He jumped out and held me against the brick wall and struck his fangs into my neck.

As I was thrown aside, I felt drained, weak, and thought I was going to die. I felt something change inside me and yelled, "What have you done to me!?"

The stranger looked down at me and said, "I made you immortal, now get use to it."

He disappeared into the night, leaving me stranded by myself. I needed help. Limping down the street, I looked for anybody.

There was a homeless man around the corner, "I need help..." I bled so much I could barely have the strength to speak. He came over to take a look as it was too dark to see.

My stomach cramped and then I attacked. The homeless man cried out. And as I drained him, his heart stopped.

I pulled away seeing what I've done and ran off. What's happening to me? I thought.

I was a monster. A killer. And I've lived with it for months now. I learned to control my hunger, just as any vampire did. 

The one vampire who made me the way I am is going to pay. I didn't ask for this. Being a vampire held me back on the most important things in life that any human had to face.

I only had one night job, and no family, no friends. I was alone in the world. I could never be so close to someone and put them at risk, with what I do is dangerous. My name's Alistair, I am a vampire - and hunter.

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