Dark Days

Newly turned and on the hunt, I vowed to kill the vampire who did this to me. I know his face, but not his name. He watches me hiding in the dark. It's difficult to get around during daylight as the sunlight burns my skin. The only way I can is to stay in the shadows. My name is Alistair, I am a vampire - and hunter.


2. Hunt

I dashed to the sudden cry for help. In the dark ally, a woman struggled in the arms of a man. Humans were as bad, though not all deserved to suffer. 

And of course, I once was one myself. But the feeling what it's like to be human slipped away since I've changed. I despised this man's sick mind. And hurting this poor woman made me more angry. It boiled up inside, feeling myself lose control instantly. 

And I didn't stop there to watch like any person who'd pass by. I dashed in and ripped him off and threw him at the brick wall. The woman gasped with tears in her eyes as she was shaking, "Thank you."

I turned, seeing the mascara run down her eyes in fear of what this man was about to do to her. I asked her to go, she nodded and ran by the click of her heels.

The man groaned with a blood on his forehead. The sweet smell of blood is almost like a drug you can never stop yourself from taking.

I threw him up against the wall with a growl, "Keep doing what you do, and I WILL come back and find you. And this time, your head will NOT be staying on your shoulders!" I tossed him aside and dashed down the street.

A familiar scent made me stop in my tracks. I turned and saw someone disappear into the shadows. It was him. The vampire I've been searching for.

Dashing after the shadow on the run, he was fast. He turned corners and disappeared to the next. I stopped and looked up seeing him climb the wall. I hurried after him.

He then ran the wall. I got further up and did the same. By the time I reached the roof, he was gone. There was not a trace of him anywhere, not even the feel of his presence.

I cursed and flew off. Continuing naturally down the street showing no signs of suspicion of what I've done as a group of humans walked by.

I always have to be careful not to show my inhuman actions around them. Not many can handle what they've never thought possible is real.

Every night, I never got the chance to stop him. And I don't know if I ever will. I come close to catching up and then he disappears.

What's my night job? You're probably wondering. I work as a hunter. Yes, I get paid to hunt my kind. Those humans don't know what I am.

They come in and ask for me, cash upfront. I question them first before I go and do my job.

There are people who are mistaken for vampires since this Twilight fanatic's been around. Now vampires have it easier to blend in with society.

So nowadays, the real ones are hard to track. I can spot a vampire simply by the feel of their presence. They give off an energy no human has.

I hurried down to my small company building where I stayed. There's no sign up to say what company it is. I'd rather keep it hidden.

Only few know of it's existence, and if a vampire knew where I stayed, there'd be a lot more visits than I expected. I make sure I'm not being followed before heading down.

After entering inside, I went to the desk and picked up a file someone had left. A photo of a young girl was paper clipped on the sheet of her profile.

What is this for, what job were they asking me to do? I took out a note that was clipped in with the photo. It had the person's name and number.

I dialled it in the phone and waited. A man's voice answered, "Hello?" I held the file up looking down at the sheet, "Who's this girl clipped in the file you sent me?" The man on the phone replied, "She's my daughter."

The girl was a seventeen, named Lisa Blake. From what I saw on the photo; she had long golden hair and brown eyes. 

The description read that she's being stalked by a stranger at night, and can never leave the house alone without anyone with her. And this stranger hides in the dark and disappears out of sight.

From what his daughter had told him, she's been too afraid to go out alone since. I might investigate this, vampire or not, no one should be stalking anybody, especially a teenage girl.


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