New girl

A new girl named Ally moves to a new school and home. She loves to dance and sing. What will happen if she finds out Harry is in her school? READ TO FIND OUT


3. New school! not good at all!

Ally's P.O.V

I woke up to my annoying alarm clock playing 22. I wiggled myself out of my cozy bed.

I make my way into my walk in closet. I picked out a floral top with white jeans and to top

it all of with a black leather jacket and brown uggs. 

I walked downstairs grabbing my school bad and purse. 


I got out of my blue car and walked into my new school.

Chills ran up and down my spine as i walked in. Everyone was whispering.

It felt weird. I ran into the administator office and told them my name and they handed me my schedule.

She kept telling me about her ex- boyfriend leaving her and sobbing.

The bell rang. I told her I had to go but you refused for me to leave.

After she told me her boring story, she gave me a late pass.

I ran to Science class. I knocked on the door twice

Ahh, you must be miss Thompson he said dissapointed that i was late on my first day

Yes i am and i am very sorry to be late. i said sadly

Thats alright but i expected more from you

Well thank you

Take a seat next to.......... Harry Styles

Who is that

Harry please raise your hand

The same tall handsome boy from nextdoor raised his hand

I make my way to Harry also getting death glares around Harry

I take my seat silently. After about 15 mins.

Now class. I will be pairing a boy and girl together to work on a class project.

ok.. he gets his papers and calls out our names.

Anna and Jake are partners

Kelly and Blake are partners

Emily and Jack are partners

Tina and Cole are partners

and.... Ally and....Harry are partners

YES!! SCORE!! i shout in my head happily



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