New girl

A new girl named Ally moves to a new school and home. She loves to dance and sing. What will happen if she finds out Harry is in her school? READ TO FIND OUT


2. Moving in


Ally's P.O.V

We got to our new house. It was amazing!! It is a HUGE 3 story blue house.

My family and I got out of our car and started taking our stuff out and putting them in our new house.

I ran into our brand new house, skipping over the stairs trying to  find the biggest room.

It had a walk it closet, Window, bathroom, mirror, dresser, bed and a brand new iPhone sitting on the edge of my bed.

After i packed all my things into the right order. I hopped on to my mac book and looked up my new school.

It was not just an ordinary school. It had high technology and more things i cant describe.

I looked out my giant window to see a tall hand some boy with curly hair and emerald green eyes.

He was sitting on his porch on his own iPhone. I looked at the pitch black sky covered in glowing stars.

I could not believe it was night time already. I changed into my usual tank top and pj bottoms and feel asleep straight away.

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