New girl

A new girl named Ally moves to a new school and home. She loves to dance and sing. What will happen if she finds out Harry is in her school? READ TO FIND OUT


4. getting to no him

Harry's P.O.V

I saw a beautiful girl walk into our boring class room.

Her name was Ally Thompson. WOW she has a beautiful name.

But i can't date her! she is a loser. It will ruin my reputation if i do.

I have to just ignore her and let her do all the work.


Cassidy's P.O.V

After Science class. I needed to sort the day me and Harry are going to meet.

I walk up to harry but get tripped from behind by some blonde chic.

watch where your going she yells at me

Who do you think you are telling me what to do i yell at her

I am the queen of this school AKA Ashley


Before i knew it we were crowded by teenagers of the whole school

Everyone listens to me says Ashley thinking she is cool

Pss not everybody

Listen here Bitch!! You have 10 seconds to walk away or i will do things to you i won't regret

Haha!! like you can do shit 


your excused

At least im not a newbie walking around thinking shes all cool

REALLY NOW!?!?! At least im not a bra stuffer i yell in her face

I am not a bra stuffer she said trying to defend herself

HAHAH!!! i laugh in her face and then take out toilet paper out of her bra.

Explain this i say happily that i have won

UGH!! she screams walking away stomping her feet

And you say your the Queen i say walking away.

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