Gone {Liam Payn}

When Liam Payne moves to a new school for the third time this year, he expects everything to be the same. But it's not, after meeting Sarah, things change. Things change for him and her. Small, good, horrible, changes. Liam wonders if it's for the greater good.


1. Prolouge

The worst things that happen to us is that we mostly forget the precious memories, and we remember all the bad things that happen in life. But that's just who i am. I replay the bad moments that happened in my life. I just want them to go away, that's all. I suddenly felt a hand touch my shoulder. It was Taylor.

"I'm sorry, about everything."

She gave me a kiss on the cheek and walked away. I was the only one here. I got up and set my rose down on the metal box. I stood there for a moment, then walked away. I put my hands in my pockets and headed for the black Cadillac. Her mum grabbed my arm and reached for my hand.

"She loved you, she just wouldn't shut up about you."

She kinda laughed at that. I just smiled, but it disappeared a second later.

"I'm glad you found her." I looked up.

I could feel some tears fall from my cheeks. She wiped them away and pulled me in for a hug. I couldn't hold it anymore.

"I'm so sorry..."

i was crying on her shoulder. She was rubbing my back and rocking me. I didn't mean to make her cry.

"Its not your fault, its not your fault."

she held me tighter. After a couple minutes, we let go.

"Come on, lets go eat."

She took my hand. We got into the Cadillac and left

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