Gone {Liam Payn}

When Liam Payne moves to a new school for the third time this year, he expects everything to be the same. But it's not, after meeting Sarah, things change. Things change for him and her. Small, good, horrible, changes. Liam wonders if it's for the greater good.


9. Chapter 8

When I got to Sarah's house, she was standing by the door. She was beautiful I had to admit. I pulled in to driveway and got out. She ran and gave me a pretty big hug.

"Hey beautiful!"

She started to blush and I took her hand. I started to head to the truck but she pulled me back. I looked at her a little confused.

"My parents want to meet you." She said smiling.

I kinda froze in place.

"C'mon, you'll be fine." She laughed while saying that.

She pulled me to the front door and opened it. We walked in and her parents were in the living room, watching T.V. The looked back and smiled. They both got up and stood in front of the both of us.

"Mum, Dad. This is Liam. Liam This is my mum Shannon."

She put out her hand for me to shake it.

"It's nice to meet you." I said a little nervous.

"And this is my dad, Brian."

He out his hand out as well. He had a strong grip and it remind me of my father.

"Are you the new kid who just moved in just a couple streets down?" He asked with his deep voice. It kinda scared me a little.

I nodded my head. He smiled and sat back down on the couch.

"He is a very lazy person."

Her mum looked over and shook her head. Sarah and I both laughed.

"Well mum, we better get going."

She went over and gave her mum a kiss.

"I'll see you later!"

We both waved and headed out. I helped her into the truck.

"Where to princess?"

I looked over and she was blushing.

"I was thinking of going to the park."

I nodded in agreement. The ride wasn't all that bad. We talked about school and other things.

"Liam?" Her face was all serious.

I glanced at her and smiled.

"What is it?"

She looked back.

"You passed the park."

I looked back and quickly stopped.

"Shit.." I mumbled under my breath.

I looked over and she was smiling.

"Sorry.." I blushed a little.

"It's fine."

I headed back and I pulled into the park.

"Finally!" I said while laying my head down on the wheel.

We both got out and I grabbed the basket.

"We can sit over there."

She was pointing to a spot where nobody was in sight. I shrugged and walked over there. We sat down and started to have a snack. We continued to talk about school and our future.

"So, what college are you going to?"

She smile and looked up.

"Probably UNI."

I smiled and took a bite of my apple.

"Same here."

He looked at me with a huge smile. I got out the cheesecake slices and handed one to Sarah.


As I was about to take a bite, she shoved the cheesecake in my face. She started cracking up. I just looked at her.

"Oh.. So you think that's funny?"

We both quickly got up and I started to chase her. I finally caught her.

"Haha! No escape now!"

I gently put my face into her neck. I wiped the cheesecake all over her face.

"L-Liam, s-stop it!"

She was laughing. I tackled her to the ground and just smiled.

"Ok, ok. You win!"

I got up and did my little victory dance.

"Can't beat the man who... Who..."

I stopped and trie to think of a good phrase. I looked at Sarah and she had her arms crossed.


"Hold on!"

I was stumped. I just made up something random.

"Can't beat the man, who has a toucan?"

She started to laugh. I just smiled.

"I couldn't think of anything else."

She shook her head and smiled.

"We need to get cleaned up."

I nodded. We gathered everything up and put it in the car. I helped the lady in the car.

"And were off."

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