Gone {Liam Payn}

When Liam Payne moves to a new school for the third time this year, he expects everything to be the same. But it's not, after meeting Sarah, things change. Things change for him and her. Small, good, horrible, changes. Liam wonders if it's for the greater good.


7. Chapter 6

On the way home, that same car was still following me. I finally pulled over and got out. The car pulled up in front of mine. I looked to see who got out and I didn't like what i saw. Why was my father following me? He came up to me and grabbed my collar.

"Why were you out with that girl on a school day?!"

His face was red with anger and his grip was strong.

"Seniors don't have to attend school on Fridays!"

He loosened up a little bit. I pushed him off of me.

"Why were you with that girl?"

He had a disgusted face.

"Because I can!"

He let me go and pointed over to my truck.

"Get your ass home now!"

I walked to my truck and sped off. When I got home, I went to my room and slammed the door. I fell on my bed  and buried my face into my pillow. Then, my door swung open.  I looked back and it was father.

"What the hell do you want?"

He came over to me and pulled me out of bed by my shirt.

"Whats it look like I want!"

He dragged me to his room and shut the door. He grabbed one if his belts. I knew what he was going to do.

"No, dad, I'm sorry!" 

He raised his hand and that's when I felt the worst pain. He kept doing this, I was screaming for him to stop and saying sorry. He still wouldn't stop, that was until my mom opened the door and saw me. Dad looked over at her, and dropped his belt.

"I'm sorry Liam."

She was rocking me back and forth. I was growing tired until I finally fell asleep.

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