Gone {Liam Payn}

When Liam Payne moves to a new school for the third time this year, he expects everything to be the same. But it's not, after meeting Sarah, things change. Things change for him and her. Small, good, horrible, changes. Liam wonders if it's for the greater good.


13. Chapter 12

When I started to cool down, I was aloud to go back in. When I saw her, she had all sorts of things attached to her. She wasn't moving much either. Shannon had an open seat and motioned me to sit next to her. So I did. She put her arm around my shoulders. I rested my head on her shoulder. My head was pounding. I was tired too. I closed my eyes, hopefully to help. 

I woke up with a blanket around me. I couldn't find Brian or Shannon. I got up and headed towards the door. I heard a soft voice behind me, knowing it was Sarah.

"Liam, where are you going?"

I turned around and smiled. I walked over to her bed and kissed her cheek. 


She smiled, taking my hand and placing it in hers. Around noon,Brian and Shannon came back with some food. Shannon looked in the bag and handed it to me.

"I didn't know what you wanted to I just got you a cheeseburger and some fries."

I smiled, unwrapping the paper from the sandwich and taking a bite.

"Its fine." I said with a chunk of hamburger in my mouth.

They all laughed and I just kinda sat there with a smile. I offered Sarah some of it, but she simply shook her head and smiled.

"Doctor said I can't eat anything for a while."

I gave her a look.

"How long?"

"Just a couple hours, its fine, I'm not that hungry anyways.."

My mouth made the 'O' and continued to devour my sandwich. When I was done, I got up to throw my trash away but I couldn't find the trash can. I went out and found one. When I came back in, a couple doctors surrounded her and her mum just sits there with a blank expression. From the looks of it, this isn't good.




Sorry its so short! I don't know what to really add. Will you please tell me how I'm doing? I want your Guises opinion. If you vote or comment that would mean the world to me!

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