Gone {Liam Payn}

When Liam Payne moves to a new school for the third time this year, he expects everything to be the same. But it's not, after meeting Sarah, things change. Things change for him and her. Small, good, horrible, changes. Liam wonders if it's for the greater good.


2. Chapter 1

"Oh I'm so sorry."

I helped her pick up the fallen books. I looked up and smiled apologetically. She smiled.

"It's ok."

I grabbed my books and just stood in front of her.

"I'm Liam."

She had half a grin on her face.

"I'm Sarah, Its nice to meet you."

I smiled and started to walk away. I felt someone touching my arm. I looked over.

"And thanks..."

She walked away. I walked over to my locker and put my books away. I turned around, she was standing right in front of me. She handed me a folder.

"This is yours."

I looked at the notebook and took it from her hand.


I put it in my book bag. I looked up and she was still standing there. She looked at me kinda funny.

"How come I never seen you around here before?" Her voice was a little raspy and soft.

"I just moved in a couple months ago."

She nodded as if she understood. She looked over and her smile quickly disappeared. I looked over at what she was looking at.

"What's wrong?"

Without breaking eye contact, she moved out of the way for some girl. She came right up to me.

"Hello, my name is Hanna. Hanna Sherman!"

Her voice was high pitched. She had brown hair and wore heels that were pretty high. She stuck out her hand for me to shake it.

"Nice to meet you, My name is Liam Payne."

I took her hand and let go after a couple of seconds. She gave me a smile and then made her attention to Sarah. 

"Well Sarah, are you going to try out for the cheer team?"

I turned my head to her. She looked at the ground then back up at Hanna.


Hanna made a weird face.

"Why not?"

She said it in a harsh tone. Sarah put her head against the locker and sighed.

"Because, Cheer team isn't my thing."

Hanna had her arms folded and tapping her fingers. She raised her eyebrow and was frowning.

"Well, we need girls for the cheer team. I expect you to be at practice tonight at five."

She walked away, but she looked back and waved at me. I didnt wave back or anything. Sarah was about to walk away but i caught her shirt.

"Why won't you do cheer team?"

She looked down.

"Because i'm afraid that the girls will make fun of me."

I thought for a moment.

"i'm going to do football, even though i don't want to. But if you do cheer team, we can see each other. And if they give you a hard time. I'll tell them off."

I laughed while saying that. I looked over and she had a smile on her face. she came up and gave me a hug.

"I'll think about it."

she was still smiling when she walked away. I turned around and almost ran into some guy.

"Watch it!"

I looked up and the kid was a little taller than me. He had brown hair and it was down to his ears. He was on the football team because he had a varsity jacket on.


I moved out of his way and he passed through. He seemed like a real jerk. Anyway, I walked to my first class and sat down in the back. Alone.

"Good morning everyone! My name is Mrs. Oaklyn."

We all said good morning, then we started class. It wasn't all that fun. I mean, all we did was just sit and talk about the rules. When that was over I headed to the restroom. Half way there, i was stopped by the coach of the football team.

"So son, are you going out for football?"

I sighed and nodded my head.

"Well, we could really use you."

i looked up with my head turned a little bit.

"They said your really good."

I sarcastically laughed.

"They say that to everyone."

He gave me a look. His arms were crossed.

"Excuse me, but i need to use the restroom."

i slid past him and did my business. When I was done, i realized that i was late for my next class. I quickly went to my locker and got my books. I ran into the room.

"Sorry I'm late."

I looked across the room for an open seat. I found one, it was by Sarah. I smiled and made my way to over to my seat. I sat down next to her. She was smiling.


She chuckled and waved her fingers.


"Okay class, lets get started."

I looked over at her and well, what can i say.. She was beautiful. The day dragged on and nothing really exciting happened. When i got home, i put my book bag down and went to get a snack. Suddenly, the phone started to ring.


"Hello, is this Liam?"

It was a girl talking. 

"Yes, and may i ask who this is?"

There was a pause at the other end.

"Its Sarah, I just wanted to make sure that you know that there is football practice tonight. Thats why im here, at the field."

We had football practice? I really need to get organized on my schedule.

"Oh shoot! I'll be down there in a sec."

I hurried and grabbed all of my practice equipment and left.

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