Being Beezus

Beezus Jones a foster child goes to London with her foster family and their daugher Emmy for a vacation. She hates nothing more than One Direction and she has to go with Emmy and they have VIP Passes. Beezus is not excited. Harry Styles sees something in Beezus, he cant stop thinking about her. What will happen? Will he get the girl or no? Will Beezus' hate for him turn to love?


1. Prologue

Hello. My name is Beatrice Jones. Your probably thinking, "who would name their kid Beatrice?" Well i'll tell you, when I born my mother was kinda sorta wasted beyond belief. And supposedly she had been thinking of milk and named me Beatrice. But my little sister Lolly (she was druck again) called me Beezus. Then everyone started calling me that. My mother stop drinking and doing drugs after Lolly was born. She was trying to be a good parent. She was the reason i was who i was a year ago. Lolly was born when i was almost 17. My father died when I was 2, Lolly's died when she was 3. Your probably also thinking I am or was a goody goody. Wrong...  I used to wear black with everthing and everyday, I've got into rock and heavy metal. That called changed when mother and sister died. We were yelling at eachother because I was failing school, going to juvi twice, drinking and doing drugs the whole nine yards. After they passed away i blamed myself and I went out of my rocker rebel phase and into who i really am. I don'y have black and blue hair, it's milk coco (its natural), i have brown eyes not red blood shot ones. I'm a straight A student now. It's been almost a year now since my mom and sister passed away. I'm almost 18 now, in foster care. I've just graduated high school. I got accepted into NYU for a double major in Music and Journalism. And when my eighteenth birthday comes I will apply for emancipation so that I don't have to live my life in foster care till I'm married. I can't take a year off until then. So i'm stuck going on "family" vacation with my foster home... i love dearly but they arent my real family. The destination is London... not a total life bringer. its rainy. They let Emmy pick. My foster family's daughter is 16 and a total brat but i love her like a sister! but i have to say when i was 16 i was worse... but now were packing for London! yay! seriously... and this just the beginning of Being Beezus.

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