Oh my...

When a 19 year old girl gets pregnant, it's up to her friends to help cope. One being given supernatural powers to help, and one having to act like to father in the childs life, shits going to go down.


2. Truth


I was walking back to the sorority after class exactly a year after that experience. Not realising it. Now, I am not one for sororities, but I couldn't afford anything else. Molly, Claire and I all go to Movella University. (Sorry, I couldn't think of another fake name.) Claire is majoring in Elementary education since she had wanted to be a teacher since, well, forever; Molly is magoring in Forensics, she always did like dead things; and I am magoring in Psychology, since I can understand others, sometimes more than myself.

I walked into the huge building. My classes ended early that day, so I was the only one there; or so I thought. I went into the kitchen, searching for something to eat. Finding nothing, I went upstairs to my dorm room. I heard crying coming from the bathrooms. I knocked on the door. "GO AWAY!" Molly screamed. "Molly, its me." "Oh, come in." She said. She opened the door and pulled me in, locking it behind me. "What's wrong?" "EVERYTHING!!" She cried. "Why are you crying?" "I'm- I'm pregnant!"    "Uh- I-" I was at a loss for words. I stared at her, with my jaw nearly unhinged.

"Oh- Oh my god. I am so sorry Molly." I hugged her as she cried into my shoulder. "How did this happen?" I asked her after she calmed down. "Well when a man and a women love each other-" She started. I laughed a bit. "Seriously, what happened?"  "I was drunk, he took advantage of me. You know the story." "Oh, my god Molly... How do you know?" she pointed to a row of 10 positive pregnancy tests on the sink. I hugged her, tighter than before.

Later that night, after remembering the Ouiji board from a year ago, I snuck down into the main room to conduct another Ouiji board session. 

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