Oh my...

When a 19 year old girl gets pregnant, it's up to her friends to help cope. One being given supernatural powers to help, and one having to act like to father in the childs life, shits going to go down.


1. Oujia Board


 "Well, if you're going to be a wimp then.." I taunted my friend, Molly, at a sumber party one night with 3 other girls. "NO! I want to its just...  its creepy." She said. "Well it's a Oujia Board! It's supposed to be scary, thats the point." One of the other girls, Lexy, said. "If we don't do it I'll go into the bathroom and do bloody mary." Claire, another one of the girls, threatened. 

"Fine! Lets do it!" Molly gave in. I laughed miniaclly and went to grab to board. I pulled out the pieces and set it up.

We all placed our hands on it, and I asked the question. 

"Spirits of this house, are you good?" I asked. It moved to 'yes'. No one wanted to ruin the moment. 

"Spirit, what is your name?" Lexy asked. It moved from 'M' to 'E' to 'R' to 'L' to 'I' to 'N'. We tried not to laugh, tring to figure out who moved it.

"Spirit, which one of us will find love first?" Clarie asked. It Moved to 'Y' to 'O' to 'U'. Claire smiled, mainly because she just got a new boyfriend Alec, which she really liked.

"Spirit, which one of us will be with child first?" I asked. It moved to 'M' to 'O' to 'LL' to 'Y'. Molly's eyes opened wide, we all laughed. 

"When shall I be with child?" She asked. It moved to '1' then 'Y'. 

"One year, ooooOOOooo." Maya laughed. 

None of us took it seriously, even though we should have tken the remark and name, seriously. 

That was one year ago, and I found myself busting out the old Oujia Board once again.

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