Oh my...

When a 19 year old girl gets pregnant, it's up to her friends to help cope. One being given supernatural powers to help, and one having to act like to father in the childs life, shits going to go down.


5. Help

As i was running back, I was thinking. 'What just happened? Why didn't he hit me?' i almost ran into the street i was so distracted. My adrenaline was running high, I wasn't even breathing heavily. The blow to my face wasn't stinging anymore and my blouse was slightly ripped. As the light turned I ran again. At this point i was really glad i was a runner in highschool. I made it to the front door of the soroity, releaved. My adrenaline was decreasing and i started to pant heavily. The place where he hit me started to really hurt by now. I was always strong when it came to pain, I was no sissy, but it still hurt. 

I couldn't go in and face all of those girls, so I decided to calm down in the green house. It was old and most of the glass panals were broken, a perfect hideaway for me. I opened the old wooden door & looked at myself in the mirror, I only had a small cut on my face luckily, and i cleaned it up with my now torn shirt, and I started talking to myself in my variations of accents. "You were so stupid back there! Why did you let him hit you?" Said Scottish accent. "I could've easily defended myself! Why am I so weak around him?! I'm stronger than that!" Said German accent. "We should of ran away sooner!" Said French accent. "We need to maintain our reputation as only slightly insane, we could'nt have hit him!" Said English accent. "You shouldn't have angered him" Said Canadian accent. "ALL OF YOU SHUT UP!" I yelled outloud, and i began to cry. "I'm sorry," The voices said. 

I started to hum. I stood up and started to sing, which usually calms me down. "(sigh) There is a Castle on a Cloud. I like to go there in my sleep, (sniff) there are no floors for me to sweep, there in my castle on a cloud." I smiled I started to walk around with a stick cane. "There is a lady all in white she holds me and sings me a lullaby, she nice to see and shes soft to touch, she says 'Cosette I love you very much'." I smiled wider. I heard vibrations from the bench. I picked up my phone. "Molly: where are you?" "In the green house." I wrote back. I sat down on the bench, posture low. I didn't hear her come in, but Molly sat down right next to me, as I rested my head on her shoulder. She smiled, she knew exactly how to cheer me up. "If you ever wonder why, Disney tales all end in lies..." She sang. "Here's what happened after all their dreams came true..." We both laughed, and ended up singing the entire song before we went inside.

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