Oh my...

When a 19 year old girl gets pregnant, it's up to her friends to help cope. One being given supernatural powers to help, and one having to act like to father in the childs life, shits going to go down.


3. Gift


"Okay, listen. I know you're here, how did you know that she would be pregnant?" 

S, I, G, H, T

"Sight? What sight?" 

C, A, N, D, L, E

"You want me to light a candle?" 


I got up and grabbed a candle and a match. I lit it and set it on the table. "What now?" I asked. 

Before my eyes, a face formed through the small flame. It was a guy, a young guy, he looked as if he was a student. I knew magic was real, but I've only seen it happen once. It was an amazing sight. 

"This way we can talk more easily." He said, I felt like I was in a Harry Potter book.

"No, you listen. I have been Molly's guardian ever since she was born, that is how I knew. Now, you'll need to help her and do physical things for her, of which I can not do from the other side. She is one of my desendants, therefore I must protect her. Now, the child she is caring is of pure magic blood, you see the father is also a magician. Now, that will make the pregnancy very difficult for you and her to deal with, so I shall give you something to help you. Put your hands in the flame, I promise it won't burn you."

I tried to take in everything he told me. I then I put one hand near the falme, scared out of my mind. I jabbed it into the fire, and it didn't burn I then put my other hand in the flame. I felt a small pinch, like getting a shot. I pulled my hands out. On one hand it had a sun, and on the other was a moon, burnt into my skin. 

"What is it?"

"That is your gift. I have given you a small amount of magic. Don't tell anyone about this, if you do it shall be stripped from you; but you can tell Molly, only if you need to." He said. 

"What if they find out without me telling them?" 

"I'll make sure that doesn't happen. Now go on, try it out, just think of what you want to do. Go on!" He said cheerfully, with a huge smile spread across his face. 

I smiled an equally massive smile. I picked up a magazine and let go, it floated. I felt a surge of energy surge through me, like after you eat a lot of sugar. It filled me up with a burning feeling, like when you sit down in a hot bath. It felt wonderful. He was laughing with me as I moved around more things. I then felt all the energy leave me as I colapsed on the floor blacking out.

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