Oh my...

When a 19 year old girl gets pregnant, it's up to her friends to help cope. One being given supernatural powers to help, and one having to act like to father in the childs life, shits going to go down.


4. Abuse



I woke up that morning on the floor. At least it was Sunday, no classes. I woke up with with Molly standing over me. "Got worn out huh? Yeah I passed out after my first day too." She picked me up. "Where's everyone else?" I asked. "Out on dates I suppose or shopping." "Date? Did you say dates?" "Yeah-" "Fuck! I forgot!" Dammit! I was supposed to go out with Daniel tonight! Daniel is my boyfriend he's nice and sweet, but has a firm hand on me.

I looked at a clock. 1 hour until he picks me up! That's enough time. I ran a brush through my hair, my natural loose curls falling around my shouders. I put on a nice skirt with tights and my black blouse. I put on my favourite platformed boots and ate a mint. By the time I was done he was here. 

"Hello" "hi"

We then went over to his house and had dinner and watched corny Christmas movies. After they were done, we started to make out, but I wasn't feeling it. 

"Not tonight." 

"Why not?" he asked, getting angry.

"I'm just not in the mood."

"Why not?!" He yelled.

"I'm just not in the mood!" I yelled back. 

"HOW DARE YOU USE THAT TONE WITH ME!!" He hit me across the face. It stung, but I was used to it, it's not the first time. I clenched it. I think it might have been bleeding. The air in the room then became much colder.

He rose his hand again to hit me, only for it to be stuck in mid-air. He looked even more angry, trying to free his hand. I saw a transparent hand around his wrist. 'Run' someone told me. I ran; I ran all the way back to the sorority.

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