Log On


1. Hold On

I hold on too tight, my lows are too low, I'm persistent without luck, but I suppose it can't help but show. Or at least that’s how I thought it was, Persistent without luck at all. I tried for over two years, madly in love and still am with the most beautiful man I have ever met. You see, I never gave up on this man, I thought about it, only for a split second. But in reality I knew I could never do it. I knew I could never leave the side of my dear, Carson.

He had me blissfully trapped in an era of euphoria the moment I met him. I was so scared, and it turns out, so was he. We played games of small talk across “coffee tables” better known as text and words on a glowing screen. I fell for him slowly, I was curious, wanted to know a little more, then completely and utterly all at once.

So today, after all our exchanged words, and written memories, I’m meeting this beautiful man for the very first time. But my god I am more nervous than I have ever been in my whole entirety. Only a few more minutes and I can never step back. 
     I know who he is, without a doubt. I know what his voice sounds like, and how I shiver at the sounds of my name escaping his lips. I know his eyes, yes, that golden hazel that I could lose myself in. I know his sweet smile, that makes me melt without a moments notice, but I finally will know what it feels like, to be so close to him, to be touched by him in the most gentle and innocent of ways. He is my gravity on the god forsaken earth, and let me tell you, I will let no one take that away.

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