Sierra Reynolds' parents were killed in a car accident, just a year later she is hit by a car. During her recovery, Jack Harries lingers by her side, helping her through everything. And, if you haven't already guessed, they fall in love. This is the story of their ups and downs and their trips around the world. Two strangers who become one. Will they be torn apart? Or will they always be stitched together?

Read more to find out!



  “Rise and shine!” Nurse Julie sang out. She whipped open the curtains and let the light pour into the room.

  I turned over onto my side, then jerked awake, realizing the pain from my side was now fully gone. Oh wait, never mind, wrong side. Julie walked over to my bed, checked my temperature, heart rate and what not.


  “How much longer?” I asked her. It had already been a week and a half. Some of the bruise had disappeared, and I was doing better than before. I usually slept through every day, watched TV, and ate food. If that counts as better… But now they wanted me to be productive.

  “Another week or so?” She guessed, “It depends on the bruise and if you can get back to health. For example, walking! Which the doctor wants you to do today.”

  I rolled my eyes, “Are you taking me?”

  “No, but I’m forcing you. I have other patients here darling.” She told me.

  “I know.” I whined.

  Julie smiled, “Jack is coming today.”

  I looked up at her, convincing myself not to smile, “He comes everyday.” I reminded her.

  “Hmm. I wonder why.” She pondered. Julie laughed as I tried to tell her to shut up. I gave up when she patted my head and told me that I was the luckiest girl.

  “Really? Okay! If I’m so lucky, I wonder why I’m still in this bloody hospital!” I snorted.

  Julie just rolled her eyes and laughed, then left the room.


  I took a sip of ice cold water then turned on the TV. There was nothing good on so I logged onto my computer that my brother Justin left me. I went onto YouTube and watched random videos. As I scrolled down through the channels I was subscribed to, I recognized a certain face. I clicked on the link to see Jack laughing and being weird on the screen.

  What the fuck?

  As I watched some videos, I remembered how I had spent the night my parents had been killed. Watching JacksGap. Watching the boy who had hit me with his car. No wonder he’d looked familiar in person. A bit different because there was no editing on his actual image and no bright lights illuminating whom he was.


  A knock came from the door and Jack walked in, greeting me with a chocolate croissant and tea. So cliché. But Jack was just sweet like that. If this had happened in a movie, the girl would be all brassed off that the boy didn’t tell her that he was that famous kid from YouTube. But I didn’t care for that.

  Julie was right. I was the luckiest girl.

  Maybe I had lost my parents, and all my friends when I moved and then a car had hit me. But Jack Harries seemed to care for me. For someone he barely knew and had just spent time in their room while they slept and watched TV. It wasn’t his fame or the fact that he was incredibly attractive that made me realize I had feelings for him, but it was the fact that he did so much and that he cared for me. And that I was falling for his personality that strangely enough reminded me of myself.


  “Hey.” Jack smiled, placing my breakfast on the table next to me.

  I blushed, and said ‘hey’ back. Jack noticed my little bit of discomfort and his eyes grew glossier.

  “You’re finally awake!” He realized.

  I laughed, “Only because I have to be productive today.”

  “Well, great! I can finally be of service to you.” Jack grinned, sitting down next to me on the bed. Hints of grey popped out from behind the green of his eyes. Tiny bits of blond swam through his brown hair. His cheekbones and structure of his body looked incredibly strong.

  “Are you okay Sierra?” He asked, touching my shoulder.

  I snapped out of my daydream, “Yeah I’m fine.”

  Jack looked into my eyes, “Your pupils are really dilated.”

  “They are?”

  Jack nodded, “I’m going to go get the nurse. Just so she can make sure you’re okay.” He got up and walked out of the room and down the hallway. I hadn’t gotten up since I had been here, but I wanted to see my eyes. I wanted to see my body.


  Before I could even get up, Julie was sticking her flashlight in my eyes and retesting everything.

  “She’s fine.” Nurse Julie told Jack.

  “Well why are her pupils so huge?”

  Julie looked back at me and then smiled at Jack, “I remember being young.”

  Jack just stared at her.


  Julie bent down and whispered into my ear, “Honey, your pupils dilate when you look at someone you love.”

  Her words caught me by surprise and the blood from my body rushed in and out of my head. I was getting light headed, but couldn’t let my embarrassment make me faint. Jack watched me closely and then asked Julie what she had whispered in my ear.

  “Someday she’ll tell you Jack.” She said mischievously and then left the room.

  We both just stared at her with the most confused expressions we’d ever worn on our faces. Jack turned to me and then laughed. I couldn’t help but smile as well. Was I the only one in the room that actually knew the secret? Or had he figured it out?

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