Sierra Reynolds' parents were killed in a car accident, just a year later she is hit by a car. During her recovery, Jack Harries lingers by her side, helping her through everything. And, if you haven't already guessed, they fall in love. This is the story of their ups and downs and their trips around the world. Two strangers who become one. Will they be torn apart? Or will they always be stitched together?

Read more to find out!



  Light poured into my eyes as I stretched, waking up in an uncomfortable position.

  “Ouch!” I yelped. A needle came flying out of my arm, and blood dripped out of my veins. Something fell over and a chair skidded against the marble floor as a boy jerked up to help me. Hands picked up the IV and placed it in the spot it stood in before. I listened as feet ran down the hallway calling for a nurse. I was too tired to open my eyes and watch the scene.


  Someone grasped my arm and a sudden shock raced through my arm once more. I moaned and opened my eyes to see an old woman standing over me fixing the IV. She looked down and smiled, asking if I needed anything.

  “Where am I?” Was the only thing I could manage to get out.

  The nurse told me that a car had hit me and that I was in the hospital. I begged her to bring me my brother or someone who could tell me more, so she pointed to the corner of the room. A young man sat there in a grey polo shirt and blue jeans.

  He looked up from his iPhone and smiled, getting out of the chair and walking over to the bed. When I looked into his eyes, I remembered everything that had happened when I was hit. I was so stupid to be walking around with my eyes closed in the middle of the night.


  But what was he doing here? Why didn’t he just go home or leave me to bleed in the street that night? Isn’t that what had happened to my parents?


  The nurse finished helping me and left the room. I sighed and looked up at the white ceiling, wondering what to say to the boy. Should I thank him or apologize for not looking at my surroundings? As soon as I opened my mouth, he opened his.

  “Hi, I’m Jack.” He said quietly.

  “I’m Sierra.” I croaked. The scratch in my throat led me to start hacking up a lung. Jack ran to the sink and got me some water then patted my back. Once I had calmed down, I apologized for everything.

  “Jesus, I’m such a mess.” I laughed.

  The stranger laughed with me, but told me it was all right, “I just want to know that you’re okay.” He told me.

  I nodded, “I’m fine.”

  Jack pulled up his chair closer to me and sat down. He looked as though he wanted to talk and get to know me. But he also looked like one of those boys who would break your heart.

  “Look, I’m sorry I got in your way.” I said, “I was being an idiot and thinking too much about other things to realize you were coming toward me. Don’t worry; I’m not pressing charges. So, you can go now, I have enough money to pay for this on my own.”

  Jack furrowed his eyebrows and just stared at me. I tried to search his mind for an emotion; all I could sense was confusion. It was like he didn’t understand what I was saying. I imitated his expression, and studied him some more. We just sat there like that until his lips formed a smirk.

  I giggled and looked away, “What?” I demanded.

  Jack breathed a laugh; “I’m not hanging around here so you don’t press charges.”

  “Yeah huh.” I nodded.

  “Really!” He exclaimed.

  "So then tell me Jack.”

  He sighed, “I’m honestly here to make sure you’re okay. And hopefully get to know you along the way.”


  We both started cracking up, “That rhymed!” I chuckled. I stopped laughing, because of the pain at my side. My hands grasped   my rib to protect it, and then I quickly swatted away the sheets and pulled up the hospital gown. Luckily, I was wearing gym shorts.

  The whole side of my stomach was bruised. I winced at the sight and the pain. My lip quivered and I started shaking, “Where’s my brother? Jack, I need my brother he needs to know I’m okay!”

  Jack grabbed my hand and told me that he had been here for the past two nights and just went home this morning. He had also been notified that I woke up and would be coming here soon. That calmed me down a bit, but I still cried and grasped Jack’s hand tightly.

  “Shh. Its okay, you’re going to be okay.” Jack soothed me, “Justin told me everything.”


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