Sierra Reynolds' parents were killed in a car accident, just a year later she is hit by a car. During her recovery, Jack Harries lingers by her side, helping her through everything. And, if you haven't already guessed, they fall in love. This is the story of their ups and downs and their trips around the world. Two strangers who become one. Will they be torn apart? Or will they always be stitched together?

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1. HIT

  I shut my eyes as I walked silently down the empty moonlit streets of Chiswick, London. A cold breeze sent shivers up my spine, my eyes were closed and I had no care of where I was going. Today marked the one-year anniversary of my parents’ death in a car accident back in Connecticut. I was trying not to think, and did a pretty good job of blocking out my surroundings. 




  My eyes flew open to see two headlights barreling at me. I stopped in my tracks as the driver slammed on the breaks, desperately trying not to hit me. Metal collided with my side and sent me flying up the windshield and then onto my back. I stared up at the constellations, unable to move while processing what had just happened. Pain melted into my body, but I knew I was able to get up.

  The car door slammed and the driver came running out of the vehicle. He was crying, praying to god he hadn’t killed me. I caught my breath and began to get up, just to feel the strength of his arms push me back down. Everything was starting to get blurry; my pulse was throbbing against my head. Blood was spread across the green-eyed boys fingers as he held me closely, calling for an ambulance. 

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