Sierra Reynolds' parents were killed in a car accident, just a year later she is hit by a car. During her recovery, Jack Harries lingers by her side, helping her through everything. And, if you haven't already guessed, they fall in love. This is the story of their ups and downs and their trips around the world. Two strangers who become one. Will they be torn apart? Or will they always be stitched together?

Read more to find out!




  Jack jumped, “Don’t hurt yourself.”

  “I wont.” I said, my arm gave out and I almost fell. Jack grabbed me, swinging my arms around his shoulders. Our skin touched and I felt a sudden shock of electricity. As I regained my balance, I looked up shyly at Jack. His hand reached out and tucked a long strand of my brown hair behind my ear. Our eye contact stayed locked until his hand fell back to his side.

  “I’ve got you.” Jack whispered, his arm wrapped around my hip, helping me walk out of the room.


  Halfway down the hallway I was already out of breath. Jack knew that it took me a lot of strength to do this. Even with his help. He couldn’t help but feel bad and sorry for me.

  “Its all my fault.” He sighed as he saw me struggle to walk without hurting myself. I stopped and shook my head. Jack had taken a seat on a bench in the hallway. His head was in his hands. I sat down next to him and rubbed his back.

  “Not its not. And look, you’ve helped me so much Jack. I’m walking again. You’ve been here the whole time, helping me and becoming an amazing friend.”

  Jack looked up at me and smiled.


  There was the look in his eyes that he had when I first woke up in the hospital. The look that said he had more to say but couldn’t. I knew what it was though. I knew because his pupils were dilated, just like mine.


  I leaned in closer to Jack and he did the same. Our eyes were still open, and as we got closer to each other, our faces were becoming blurry. I closed my eyes and softly pressed my lips against Jack’s.

  The spark I had felt earlier when our skin brushed, magnified about a thousand times. I slowly pulled away detaching my lips from his. Jack looked at me cheekily and took my hand, helping me up off of the bench. We didn’t talk on the way back to my room. He just held my hand and walked, smiling the whole way. 

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