Mirror Images

Skye Mason is just an average 15 year old girl who makes mistake like everyone else, such as leaving her brush on the floor and tripping over it. It's a false mistake. As she trips, you would expect her to fall and break the mirror, but no. She falls IN the mirror, like it's a curse. Everything changes her life. She meets new friends along the way too, along with some enemies.


1. Mistakes

Skye was just walking home from school on an everyday life. She walks by some bushes. Then came this flash two people appeared out of nowhere. Skye walking obviously thinking of other things and didn't see or hear anything. 

**James's POV**

We had just came into the 1st dimension. "Good, she's walking home right now." I said to Veronica. "Perfect, so now all we have to do is plan how she is going to get into our world." Veronica said to me. "I was thinking, maybe the portal?" I asked. "No, no, she will never fall for the portal, too obvious. Hmm. Something unexpected." she said. We waited in silence  for a couple seconds. "Oh! I've got it," Veronica turned to me for she was the one that had come up with it. "The mirror." she said in a sneaky voice. "The mirror? How?" i asked. "It's simple, the next time she looks in the mirror, she will fall right in and only one specific mirror" "What mirror?" "The one she looks into the most." "Hmm." I huffed. To be continued...

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