Stay here forever now

I love her. I cant lose her. This moment is so perfect yet so unfamiliar. And I like it. I pulled her a little closer and leaned in and pushed her hair out of her face and said, "Lets just stay here forever."


1. ~Chapter one~

~Honey's Pov~


      I ran out of the house running late to meet Anne. I threw my purse over my shoulder and jumped into my Jetta. I started the car and pulled out of the driveway. The radio came on playing Need your love by Ellie Goulding. I love this song!

~~~5 mins later~~~


  I pulled up to Nandos about 10 minutes late, oh well, not too bad I thought. I walked into Nando's and scanned the room for Anne, she was the only one flinging her arms around trying to capture my attention. I imeadiently spotted her and quickly walked to her. "Hun!" she shouted. "Hun! Guess who I'm seeing now!"

I honestly had no interest in who she was seeing. She always had the best luck with men, while I had none at all.

It seemed as if she was always in a relationship with someone, but just because she had 'luck' did not by any means, mean that all the men she had dated in her past were good men. She had been cheated on previously. It puzzels me beyond belief, who would do such a thing? I  wouldn't have been so trusting after that.

"He's different Hun! He's treated me better than any other man ever has. I really care about him," she said.

I suppose now, since im the best friend Im suppose to saysome encouraging things like 'oh good for you!' or 'I knew youd fing someone good for you.' but no. I honestly didn't give a shit. He'll be gone in a week.

"He is meeting us here today," she said with a huge smile."Thats why I asked you to come here earlier, so we could discuss this...I hope you don't mind."

Mind?!? Thanks for asking, cause yes, I do. This is so like Anne too! She would surprise me with one of her boyfriends I care nothing of. Ugh!

A black porshe pulled up to Nando's a moment later, wow.. who drives a porcshe here?!

"Oh he brought Liam too! Oh Hun, you'll love Liam.' I glanced at her, "But I don't want to love Liam," I snapped.

She shrugged and ignored my comment ,"I'll introduce ya," she said turning away to go meet her boyfriend.

"Niall!" She yelled and was greeted by a blonde irish man.


~~~Liam's Pov~~~

"Niall!," I heard Anne yell as Niall walked over to her and greeted her with a kiss.

"Oh Liam, you gotta meet my friend Honey, you'll love her!" She gripped my arm and pulled me to our table where a beautiful girl with long blonde hair sat alone. She was a little shorter than me I could tell. She wore a short floral sundress and sandals.

And her eyes, they were a deep shade of blue, memorizing.

She stood up to introduce herself, but Anne spoke for her.

"Liam, this is Honey. Honey, this is Liam and my boyfriend Niall."

"Hi," she smiled.

She reached out to shake my hand but I took it and kissed it gently. I looked into her eyes and made contact but she looked away and blushed.

"Ok so you two sit here," Anne instructed. And her and Niall walked away to sit somewhere else.

I sat across from her and  properly introduced myself since Anne found it nessisary to talk for us.

"im sorry about her," Honey said." She's been annoying lately and god knows why."

I laughed and nodded, "Just recently? I met her a month ago and she's always been like that."

She smiled and looked down.

After we ate Anne anonced that it was time to go.

I didn't want Honey to leave, I wanted to know her. I pulled her aside, "Honey, do you wan to come over and watch a movie with me?"

"That would be nice," she said.

I smiled big and grabbed her hand," We can get your car later." She nodded.

She hugged Anne goodbye and shook Niall's hand. "Ready?'"


"Yup!" She said with a smile and squeezed my hand.

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