Big Time Dilemma

Kendall comes back from Minnesota and has no clue what happened to everyone he is going to be in big shock when he finds out that......


1. Getting Back

know its a short chapter but i didn't know what else to put in there. Please review. I need to know how it is going



Kendall just got back from visiting people in Minnesota and can't wait to get back in the studio and run some new tracks with the guys. He wrote a few songs while he was away and can't wait to record them. He gets back to L.A. and he sees no one. It is vacant. He gets up to his apartment 2J and shouts " Katie? Mom? Anyone?" No one is there. So he figures they went to go get food. He decides to catch up on some sleep he had lost from the trip. So he went to bed. 
It is the next day and he goes to make pancakes ( Carlos' favorite) to see if that will bring them out from their beds. 30 min. Later still no sign of anyone. No Bitters , no Camille, none of the guys. Now he is getting worried. After breakfast he goes down to the pool and swims for a few hours before cleaning up and heading to the studio.  He gets is favorite smoothie and heads to the studio. There is no site of anyone. He heads towards the subway and it is blocked off. He gets to the studio and it turns out that.......

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